Advantages of KOSUN pipeline dredging equipment and system

KOSUN pipeline dredging equipment and system has the following advantages:

1. Adequate purification of mud, control of mud index, sticking accidents, and hole making.

2. Effectively separate the soil ballast, make holes, and shorten the cleaning time.

3. Mud recycling, saving slurry materials and construction costs.

4. Closed mud circulation and lower ballast water content, pollution, and outbound transportation costs.

The mud cleaner based on the cyclone separation technology and the secondary shaker technology is the main equipment to realize the pipeline dredging equipment and system technology. Mud cleaner is also called mud purification device or mud desander.

The pipeline dredging equipment and system is produced under the premise of saving labor time, labor cost and water resources. It is mainly used for urban construction and the recycling and reuse of dredging mud from rivers, lakes and seas, which can achieve faster and better urban construction efficiency. It is an environmentally friendly product. The overall efficiency is improved, and it is the current choice for urban construction and dredging mud recovery treatment.

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The role of the Drilling Fluid Circulation System Supporting the drilling rig

The Drilling Fluid Circulation System can strengthen the solid phase control of the drilling fluid; through the rational use of solids control equipment such as shale shakers, de-sanders, desilters, cyclones and drilling fluid cleaners, it can reduce the dilution of drilling fluids and the amount of treatment agents.The closed drilling fluid circulation system can prevent the drilling fluid from landing and avoid leakage pollution.

The Drilling Fluid Circulation System for the drilling rig includes drilling pumps, surface manifolds, mud tanks, mud purification equipment, etc. The surface manifolds include high-pressure manifolds, risers, and hoses, and the mud circulation system equipment includes drilling fluid shakers and desanders, desilter, centrifuge, etc.

The drilling pump sucks the mud from the mud tank. The mud pressurized by the drilling pump passes through the high-pressure manifold, riser, and hose, enters the tap, goes down to the bottom of the well through the hollow drilling tool, and ejects from the water hole of the drill. The cuttings are carried back to the ground through the circular space between the wellbore and the drilling tool, and the mud returned from the bottom of the well is passed through various levels of mud purification equipment to remove the solid content, and then reused.

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Commonly used Drilling Fluid Treatment Process

Nowadays, the commonly used drilling fluid treatment process is as follows: firstly pump out into the liquid-gas separator in the drilling, degas in the liquid-gas separator, then enter the drilling fluid shale shaker to treat the larger particles of drill cuttings, and then enter the secondary solids control equipment mud cleaner, and the drilling fluid that meets the standard mesh is passed into the mud tank through the vacuum deaerator for use. According to different requirements, there may be mixing equipment in the middle. The processed drilling fluid can be stored in the mud tank for drilling use.

Drilling fluid plays an important role in oil drilling and horizontal directional crossing. The quality of drilling fluid directly affects the progress of oil and gas field development and the quality of oil and gas fields. The processing of drilling fluid affects the quality of the mud.( drilling fluid treatment process

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KOSUN Skid-mounted Oil-based Mud Treatment system

KOSUN can produce 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP, 750HP mud circulation system and 1000HP, 1500HP, 2000HP land skid-mounted drilling rig mud circulation system. KOSUN skid-mounted oil-based mud treatment system consists of solid control equipment such as linear shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge and mud tank. Its functional components are integrated in an integral base, and production and assembly are completed in the factory. It has the advantages of convenient installation, easy migration, and small footprint.

oil-based mud treatment system
oil-based mud treatment system

Drilling from the surface to the completion of the drilling can be roughly divided into three layers, namely the surface soil layer, sand layer and rock layer. Therefore, there are water, mud, sand, rock salt, and barite powder and oil for blowout prevention in the drilling circulating mud. That is to say, the circulating mud fluid contains mud in the early stage, sand in the middle stage, and rock salt and barite powder and oil in the later stage. If drilling in an oilfield or water injection area, the mud fluid will contain various injection agents due to the mixing of interlayer water injection fluid. Therefore, it is very necessary to use drilling mud fluid without landing environmental protection treatment equipment. Drilling circulating mud fluid will pollute soil and water quality, affect the growth of animals and plants, and endanger human health.

The land-based skid-mounted oil-based mud treatment system for oil and gas fields manufactured by KOSUN adopts a multi-functional design, so that the entire solids control system can meet the requirements of different well depths and various drilling muds. Each treatment device can operate independently, It can also be operated jointly to make the oil-based drilling mud meet the safety discharge standard after treatment, realize the mud treated at different stages of drilling and realize the purpose of saving land, saving energy and reducing consumption, and improving efficiency.

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The treatment of drilling waste is to control the water content of drilling cuttings in drilling mud.

The treatment of drilling waste is to control the water content of drilling cuttings in drilling mud, stabilize the performance of liquid phase, and achieve the purpose of dry treatment. The liquid phase can be used for secondary injection without destroying, so that the enterprises can expand the drilling scale without environmental protection worries.

The use of drilling mud not landing system eliminates the direct digging and circulating pool, reduces the land use, reduces the related costs, and reduces the workload of well crew. More importantly, once the system is put into use, it can not only realize harmless treatment of drilling mud and solid waste, but also recycle both of them, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Mud pollution to the environment will be largely eradicated, so as to create a “green” logo, oil drilling exploration field to create greater social and economic benefits.

Solid liquid separation and waste residue recovery stage: drilling mud through the elevated manifold into the mud vibrating screen to remove large solid particles, and then sand pump pumping treated mud into the desander, desilter to remove sand and mud, mud treatment in the mud, the treated mud into the mud tank for further treatment.

Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment

Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment scheme 1:Air flotation scheme for oil sludge recovery and separation system.
The application of the air flotation scheme in the oil sludge recovery and separation system can effectively realize the separation of oil, water and mud, and recover the reusable oil products in the sludge. At the same time, targeted chemical agents are used to reduce the oil content of the discharged sludge, with the lowest oil content of 0.5%, meeting the environmental protection emission standard.

Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment scheme 2:Skid-mounted oil sludge treatment system.
On the basis of introducing advanced separation technology from Europe and combining with domestic military manufacturing team, Kosun Environmental Engineering is specialized in manufacturing high-speed horizontal screw centrifuges.With the development concept of combining independent research and introduction, the company strives to make a breakthrough in the application function of centrifuge physics, so as to solve the secondary pollution problem caused by chemical treatment.Company research and development of special oil sludge, dirty oil, aging oil two phase and three phase horizontal screw centrifuge won the unprecedented good results in production practice. The various indicators are better than national standards, with a core of the special oil sludge horizontal screw centrifuge treatment system is fully operational, it will reduce the labor intensity of users, reduce the production cost of the using enterprise, at the same time can also provide cost-effective manufacturing in China for the international market.

Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment scheme 3:Analytical processing technology of electric radiation and heat.
Kosun Environmental Engineering analytical processing technology of electric radiation and heat is mainly composed of “sludge pretreatment + analytical processing of electric radiation and heat + water treatment” and other processes.In order to meet the requirements of “reduction” of the factory, this scheme mainly realizes reduction of oily sludge through the analytical processing technology of electric radition and heat, which make the liquid phase reduction rate over 94%.

Application range of Kosun Environmental Engineering oil siudge treatment:
1.Drilling mud
2.Field oil
3.Oil field drilling oil base mud deoiling treatment
4.Waste machinery lubricating oil and emuision oil treatment
5.Fracturing fluid and flowback effluent
6.Complex mixed oil sludge from industrial oil sludge garbage pit
7.Pelagic tanker bilge oil sludge
8.Oil refinery water treatment oily scum and oily bottom sludge and so on
9.Oil sludge at tank bottom of oil field union station
10.Sediment isolation layer in natural sedimentation and dehydration of oil field union station
11.Slag containing sludge from ship fuel oil and lubricating oil separator
12.Coal tar is extracted from coal chemical industry
13.Aging oil of oil field union station
14.Oil-bearing scum produced during water treatment in oil field
15.Oily sludge treatment in oil chemical plants
16.Other Mineral-bearing oil sludge sand treatment

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Analysis of Resource Utilization of Sludge

KOSUN is a professional company that provides solid-liquid separation products and integrated solutions to solid waste disposal in the fields of energy conservation and environment protection, and focuses on development and services of complete technologies and equipment in sludge reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization. The sludge treated by KOSUN vertical centrifuge can be used as various resources in the following fields:

1. Agricultural resource utilization of sludge
If the sludge is used for agricultural purposes, it has the advantages of low operating cost, low energy consumption and low investment, and the organic part in sludge can be converted into the modifier component in the soil, so this utilization way is taken as the most promising disposal method.

2. Building materials utilization of sludge

2.1. Cementitious materials utilization of sludge
For sludge, it often contains more ash, especially in the treatment of sludge in wastewater by coagulation method, which contains a lot of Fe and Al components, and can be used as additives of building materials.

2.2. Sludge ceramsite
For lightweight ceramsite, it is usually used as a flower covering material or as a concrete aggregate and roadbed.

2.3. Sludge brick
Relevant researches show that sewer sludge can be used to make ecological bricks used in construction. This kind of brick is actually made by the following process: 10% sludge is mixed into the clay and then fired at 900°C, which can optimize the effect.

3. Animal feed utilization of sludge

Sludge contains lots of corresponding substances with many useful values, such as ash content ratio of 26.1% to 46.3%, fatty acids of 0 to 3.5%, and crude protein of 28.4% to 40.8%. Therefore, it can be treated as feed protein.

4. Sludge as fuel

The sludge itself is rich in organic matter. After low-temperature carbonization of sludge, the calorific value is equivalent to lignite, so the sludge can be used as fuel with a low calorific value.

If the sludge is not treated and is directly discharged into the environment, it will be seriously harmful to the surrounding environment. After the sludge is treated harmlessly, stabilized and reduced in volume, it can be used as a valuable resource in many fields.

The No. 6 Gas Production Plant, Changqing Oilfield Company makes a drilling footage over 100,000m

On April 1, the drilling footage of the New Year’s production capacity of the No. 6 Gas Production Plant, Changqing Oilfield Company exceeded 100,000 meters, and the time to reach this length was 28 days earlier than the year of 2018.

In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of production and construction, as well as high-quality and rapid development, the No. 6 Gas Production Plant has continuously deepened geological research and promoted technological innovation. On March 6, the first analysis while drilling and deployment disclosure meeting this year preliminarily defined the overall plan for the annual production and construction deployment, and carried out the geological analysis while drilling according to the implementation effect, and timely optimized and adjusted the deployment. Up to now, a total of 27 additional coordinates have been deployed, 11 production and construction favorable zones have been implemented, and 339 effective coordinates have been prepared.

 At the same time, relying on the special projects and key technologies of Changqing Oilfield Company, the “twice-drilling” technology and the “small borehole” test were actively promoted. On March 8, the gas well with twice-drilling technology in the Gaoqiao area was successfully drilled. The second section to the finished drilling only took 11.21 days, which was 30% higher than the drilling speed of a conventional well with the same depth.

CNOOC’s oil and gas reserves have hit a new record high, and CNOOC people are amazing!

On March 21, the reporter learned from China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) that the Company released its 2018 annual performance report. CNOOC steadily increased oil and gas reserve and production. The annual net oil and gas production reached 475 million barrels of oil equivalent, and continued to maintain cost competitive advantages. The main cost of barrel oil continued to decline year on year, creating a record of five consecutive years of cost reduction. By the end of 2018, the company’s net proven reserves reached 4.96 billion barrels of oil equivalent, hitting a new record high, and the resource base for sustainable development in the future will be more solid.

In the next step, CNOOC has formulated a strategy for deepwater development in the South China Sea. It plans to build a deepwater oilfield cluster in the eastern part of the South China Sea in the next few years, and build the first 100 billion cubic meters deepwater gas field discovered by China in the western South China Sea, and continue to increase investment in exploration and development, deepen the potential of oil and gas resources in the South China Sea, and enhance the comprehensive support capability of oil and gas.

Vertical Cutting Dryer–KOSUN

The cuttings dryer is used to recover water-based and oil-based drilling fluids from the cuttings, reducing the liquid phase ratio of the cuttings to less than 40%.Drillings drying screen is a drilling fluid shaker used to recover liquid phase in well site.

During operation, the drillings dryer can be combined with any equipment of the solid control system, such as linear vibrating screen, sand remover and mud remover.After these equipment combinations are processed, the excluded solids are recycled through a linear vibrating screen with fine mesh cloth to recover the liquid phase adsorbed on the solid phase. All equipment combinations become the drilling fluid cleaning system, which is installed on the drilling fluid irrigation in a straight line with the main vibrating screen.

Application field of drilling cuttings dryer:

1. Used for various types of drilling mud, such as oil-based mud, water-based mud and drilling cuttings drying in line with mud

2. Dredging of river channel

3. Environment-friendly solid-liquid separation

4. Piling works

5. Shield engineering

According to the requirements of drilling fluid field and customers, other products of kexun environmental protection can be used.

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