Main features of mud mixing tank

According to different design standards, the types of mud mixing tanks can be divided into vertical mud tanks and horizontal mud tanks. According to the conventional model type, it can be divided into solid control system mud tank, skid-mounted vehicle-mounted mud tank, underground tank, and various oil tanks.

No matter what type of trenchless mud mixing tank is used for mud storage, purification, circulation and configuration, the mud mixing tank can also be called a mud storage tank or a mixing tank. Its main features are as follows:

(1) The tank body adopts corrugated board structure, which has the advantages of high strength, beautiful appearance, etc., while reducing the tank body’s own weight;

(2) The solids control equipment has a reasonable layout and reaches the five-level purification standard (coarse screen, degassing, sand removal, mud removal, centrifugation), so that the mud performance can be further stabilized and optimized;

(3) The surface of the tank is made of galvanized steel grating, which is beautiful, light and corrosion resistant;

(4) The tank connection adopts pneumatic tire union and glass steel pipe, which has the advantages of convenient installation, beautiful appearance, and reliable sealing;

(5) The tank has a large capacity, with an effective volume of up to 480m3.

Although there are various types of mud mixing tanks, the selection of suitable mud mixing tanks is determined according to the actual drilling conditions. The trenchless mud mixing tank is to provide drilling mud for horizontal directional drilling. The pump has a strong attractive force, and the flow rate is sufficient, so that the mud is evenly stirred. The general pipelines of all types of mud mixing tank systems are connected by quick connectors and hoses, which are tightly sealed, flexible to disassemble, and have the characteristics of fast and efficient, high degree of automation, and simple structure.

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