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Considering the big mud content and difficult environmental management in the proccess of river dredging, KOSUN is aimed to design and research a integration Dredge Dewatering Solution in order to save a lot of cost for customer. At present, KOSUN can design and configurate different model Dredge Dewatering Equipment or System  to meet requirements of different customers according to the working condition of river silt the customer provided. 

River dredging and dewatering system

River dredging and dewatering system

KOSUN River dredging and dewatering system is mainly consist of shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge. In the actual selection process, the 3-6 stage separation system can be selected based on different situations. River dredging and dewatering system can make the water content of the slurry under 80% and can decrease the slurry volume. That can be transported by the common slag car to save more transportation cost.

KOSUN River dredging and dewatering system are applied to Lake dredging, river dredging, pond reservoir dredging engineering, municipal pipelines dredging sludge, clear water stations desilting, river dredging engineering, enterprise slag settling pond engineering, drainage sewage dredging engineering such as dredging project.

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