6 Types of Piling Mud Treatment Equipment

At present, regarding the mud treatment of construction piling projects, there are 6 main types of piling mud treatment equipment. According to the different requirements of piling projects, how can we correctly use a type of the 6 types of piling mud treatment equipment that suits our project requirements? Please let me introduce these 6 piling mud treatment equipment in detail for you, so that you can choose a piling mud treatment equipment that is really suitable for you according to your actual engineering situation!

1) Mud processing equipment of stacked screw centrifuge: the filter main is formed by the fixed ring and the floating ring stacked on each other, and the screw shaft runs through it.

body. Fully dewatered by gravity concentration and the internal pressure formed by the back pressure plate during the propulsion process of the sludge, the filtrate is discharged from the filter seam formed by the fixed ring and the movable ring, and the mud cake is discharged from the end of the dewatering section.

  1. Centrifugal mud treatment equipment (decanter centrifuge) The working principle is that the equipment consists of a rotating drum and a screw conveyor with a hollow rotating shaft. The sludge is fed into the rotating drum by the hollow rotating shaft. thrown into the drum cavity. Due to the different specific gravity, solid-liquid separation is formed, and the sludge is transported to the conical end of the drum under the push of the screw conveyor and continuously discharged from the outlet; the liquid in the liquid ring layer is continuously “overflowed” and discharged to the outside of the drum. Gravity discharge.
  • Vacuum suction filter mud treatment equipment: due to the action of vacuum, the sludge immersed in the sludge storage tank is adsorbed on the filter cloth. When the drum rotates to the backflushing area, the adsorbed sludge is removed by the compressed air backflushing sludge filter cake.
  • Screening cyclone mud treatment equipment: the coarse screen of the vibrating screen first screens the large particles in the mud, and then enters the cyclone in the desander and the fine filtration process of the fine screen of the vibrating screen. The mud was successfully realized in the state of mud-water separation.
  • Plate and frame filter press mud treatment equipment: This equipment mainly uses the principle of plate and frame extrusion in a closed state, so that the water in the sludge is discharged through the filter cloth, and the sludge is trapped between the filter cloths. , in order to achieve mud dewatering.

6) Belt filter press mud treatment equipment: The working principle of this equipment is that it is formed by a series of rollers in an S shape, and the capillary water in the sludge layer is squeezed by the tension of the filter belt and the pressure of the rollers, so that the mud The water in the slurry is squeezed out to achieve the purpose of solidification and dehydration of the mud.

The above 6 types of piling mud treatment equipment can solve various problems of piling mud treatment for you very well. Regarding the selection of equipment for mud treatment in construction piling projects, consideration should be given to the efficient utilization of mud recycling, water reuse and turning waste into treasure, reducing pollution and harming the environment, water pollution, environmental protection and energy saving, convenient transportation and low cost, and efficient production. High dehydration rate, economical benefits, reduced construction cost, easy operation and maintenance, high degree of automation, long service life and many other factors.

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