The role of the Drilling Fluid Circulation System Supporting the drilling rig

The Drilling Fluid Circulation System can strengthen the solid phase control of the drilling fluid; through the rational use of solids control equipment such as shale shakers, de-sanders, desilters, cyclones and drilling fluid cleaners, it can reduce the dilution of drilling fluids and the amount of treatment agents.The closed drilling fluid circulation system can prevent the drilling fluid from landing and avoid leakage pollution.

The Drilling Fluid Circulation System for the drilling rig includes drilling pumps, surface manifolds, mud tanks, mud purification equipment, etc. The surface manifolds include high-pressure manifolds, risers, and hoses, and the mud circulation system equipment includes drilling fluid shakers and desanders, desilter, centrifuge, etc.

The drilling pump sucks the mud from the mud tank. The mud pressurized by the drilling pump passes through the high-pressure manifold, riser, and hose, enters the tap, goes down to the bottom of the well through the hollow drilling tool, and ejects from the water hole of the drill. The cuttings are carried back to the ground through the circular space between the wellbore and the drilling tool, and the mud returned from the bottom of the well is passed through various levels of mud purification equipment to remove the solid content, and then reused.

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