Mixing and Grouting Plants, Mixing and Grounting Units and Stations

Mixing and Grouting Plants

Mixing and Grouting Plants or Mixing and Grouting unit(Mixing and Grouting Plants stations)are used in separation step during different projections, such as soil nails, tie-backs, soil mixing, jet grouting, grout compaction, vertical tie downs and injection grouting. Slurry obtained from field is not in its pure form.

It is usually mixed with particles and different liquids. Thus separation of these component in mixing and grounting plants is necessary. Kosun made system also give App end and PC control end to easily control the whole running.

Mixing and Grouting Plants
Mixing and Grouting Plants

For detailed phares in mixing and grouting plants(mixing and grouting units),the Separation of projection mud is done by the system which is an physical speparation flow.

Mixing and grounting stations

This Separation process is carried out by passing the slurry through an Separation. Mixing is brought in contact with the slurry at this time. High proportions of solids is scattered by shakers.

This process can be modified for extraction of specific slurry to increase its effectiveness. Extraction of other heavier slurry is up to 100% with use of this process. However for lighter solids, it is not an ideal process.

Mixing and grounting units

By the end of this process in mixing and grouting plants, 90 – 95 % of mud is obtained from the slurry stream. Move over, some energy is used to convert slurry from complex components into resuable slurry from by centrifuging it.

This decreases the cost associated with extraction of ethane from effluent. Thus separation of slurry from solids in mixing and grounting plants not only makes them pure and clean for use but also helps in obtaining valuable solids itself.

Fully understanding of the above detailed information will be hard, its a little bit different with TBM Separation plants or mine tailings treatment plants, but the real application case of the mixing and grounting plants is increasing the numbers day by day, some companies like Kosun from China have paid their attention on the related mechanics research. The performance is good, but still many progress can be achieved in the recent time. in the recent time.

Mine Tailings Treatment System Good Performance

Mine Tailings Treatment

With the development of economy, the demand for mineral products increased significantly, the scale of mining development increased, resulting in the number of beneficiation tailings will continue to increase; coupled with the number of available metal ore grade is decreasing, in order to meet the growing mineral products Demand, the scale of mineral processing is increasing, so the number of beneficiation tailings will also be a substantial increase, and a large number of tailings, to the mining, the environment and the economy caused a lot of problems. So how to deal with tailings? What are the tailings treatment?

1, tailings storage. The amount of tailings for a plant is large and must be properly stored;

2, tailings water reuse. In order to reduce the consumption of fresh water and tailings water emissions, to reduce the tailings of the water pollution, tailings water reuse to pay attention.

3, tailings water purification. Drainage to the tailings of the plant, if the impurity content exceeds the national health standards, tailings water must be purified after the discharge.

mine tailings treatment
mine tailings treatment

Mine Tailings treatment system dedicated to the tailings of the mud separation, mud can be graded treatment to achieve the purpose of mud and water separation;

Set the mechanical and electrical control as one of the mine tail mud water treatment system;

Tailings Treatment System The surface coating is durable and ensures that the system is used in applications where wear and corrosion are large.

Mine Tailings treatment system characteristics

(1) low energy consumption, high dehydration rate, easy installation and use, easy maintenance;

(2) tailings centrifuge to achieve tailings slag dry speed manually adjustable, the most important thing is to automatically start the device automatically control the protection;

(3) tailings centrifuge without filter cloth, do not have to backwash water, can be applied to a variety of materials to choose the actual situation.

Tailings treatment system applications

Applicable to all kinds of tailings mud treatment, slime dehydration, washed quartz sand, construction mud dehydration, washing field sand field mud sludge treatment.

Tailings treatment system advantages

The general concentration of 18% -30% of the tailings slurry, after my company’s tailings treatment system after treatment, tailings sludge moisture content of 10% -30%, and even some coarse sand tailings can reach 10% Fully meet the tailings dry pile, the treated water is clear and transparent (optional flocculant) to achieve the standard of recycling.


Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System Good Performance by Kosun

Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System

Solid control systems owe their efficiency to the overall performance of the components that will be in the mud separation system. To control the subsurface pressure, to lubricate the drill bit, to stabilise the wellbore, these are all functions of drilling mud including other purposes in a
mud separation system.

Rotary drilling rigs mud system can also be used in different industries for different purposes.The main separation equipment on a mud separation unit are the shale shaker, mud cleaner, the desander, the desilter as well as the decanter centrifuges. They are however available across different sizes and applications but they do maintain the same principle of liquids and mud separation.

Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System
Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System

Two options of shale shakers are used on a mud separation system. There are primary shakers and secondary shakers, primary shakers make use of coarse screens so as to take our larger cuttings while the secondary shakers consists of fine mesh screens and this enables it to get rid of the finest particles.

There is additional separation that is done on a mud separation unit, this is done so that the finest particles can be totally removed from the system. . The mechanical equipment that is used at this stage is inclusive of hydrocyclone desanders and desilters, mud cleaners and rotary bowl decanting centrifuges .

A liquid mud plant has different types of tanks that are useful for storage and mixing the drilling mud, the dredge slurry dewatering system is used for dredging slurry treatment to remove solids and discharge can water on a mud separation unit.

Solid removal units are usually functional for diamond core drilling in the mining industries and they are used to recycle drilling fluids and water. There are also mud separation systems that are used of oil and gas. The oil and gas drilling solids control system makes it possible for the reuse of drilling fluids that would have come from oil and gas drilling.