IEA: An acute shortage of global fuel oil supply will continue in next two years

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that fuel oil supply is expected to face an acute shortage before 2020 when sulfur limit for marine fuel is set due to upgrade in refinery and a decline in medium and heavy crude oil production. According to the new regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), by January 2020, the highest proportion of marine fuel sulfur will be reduced from the current 3.5% to 0.5%.

The IEA says, since November last year, due to the OPEC and non-OPEC (such as Russia) production reductions, the global production of medium and heavy crude oil has dropped by 1.4 million barrels per day, reducing the residual fuel oil market by 500,000 barrels per day. In the fourth quarter of last year, global demand for residual fuel oil was 6.74 million barrels per day, declining by 2.2% year-on-year.

The IEA states that the reduction in global crude oil supply is narrowing the profit margin of complex refineries comparing with simpler ones, which in turn leads to the disappearance of advantages of complex refineries. The increasing strengthening of fuel oil cracking in the past five months has made upgrades less feasible.


Mixing and Grouting Plants, Mixing and Grounting Units and Stations

Mixing and Grouting Plants

Mixing and Grouting Plants or Mixing and Grouting unit(Mixing and Grouting Plants stations)are used in separation step during different projections, such as soil nails, tie-backs, soil mixing, jet grouting, grout compaction, vertical tie downs and injection grouting. Slurry obtained from field is not in its pure form.

It is usually mixed with particles and different liquids. Thus separation of these component in mixing and grounting plants is necessary. Kosun made system also give App end and PC control end to easily control the whole running.

Mixing and Grouting Plants
Mixing and Grouting Plants

For detailed phares in mixing and grouting plants(mixing and grouting units),the Separation of projection mud is done by the system which is an physical speparation flow.

Mixing and grounting stations

This Separation process is carried out by passing the slurry through an Separation. Mixing is brought in contact with the slurry at this time. High proportions of solids is scattered by shakers.

This process can be modified for extraction of specific slurry to increase its effectiveness. Extraction of other heavier slurry is up to 100% with use of this process. However for lighter solids, it is not an ideal process.

Mixing and grounting units

By the end of this process in mixing and grouting plants, 90 – 95 % of mud is obtained from the slurry stream. Move over, some energy is used to convert slurry from complex components into resuable slurry from by centrifuging it.

This decreases the cost associated with extraction of ethane from effluent. Thus separation of slurry from solids in mixing and grounting plants not only makes them pure and clean for use but also helps in obtaining valuable solids itself.

Fully understanding of the above detailed information will be hard, its a little bit different with TBM Separation plants or mine tailings treatment plants, but the real application case of the mixing and grounting plants is increasing the numbers day by day, some companies like Kosun from China have paid their attention on the related mechanics research. The performance is good, but still many progress can be achieved in the recent time. in the recent time.

Shaft Sinking Machines Separation Units by Kosun

Shaft Sinking Machines separation units

Shaft sinking machines separation units,also can be called by Kosun Shaft Sinking Machines separation plants or Shaft Sinking Machines separation stations, is refered to the slurry separation or mud cleaning machine system in shaft sinking progress.

Shaft Sinking Machines separation units have several components, and they are: Shale shakers, Desanders, Desilters, Mud tank, Mud pump(or screw pump), and electric control panel and other accessories.

Shaft Sinking Machines separation units
Shaft Sinking Machines separation units

Shake shakers are the first group of equipment used in the system. They help to remove huge cuttings or solids from the mud or drilling fluids. These are types of mud separators used not only in the oil industry but in mining, and coal cleaning industry. The shale shakers are the basic separation tool found on the rig. When the drilling fluids get to the surface, they are passed into the shale shakers for onward processing.

Many people in the drilling industry would refer to them as the most important equipment in the industry, so as the shaft sinking projections. There are two types of shale shakers, the primary and the secondary. The primary shale shaker make use of coarse screens to remove larger cuttings while the secondary shakers uses fine screens to separate smaller cuttings.

When you bring the functionality of desanders and desilters in one, what you have is the mud cleaner because they function to remove the drilled cuttings from the mud. There are yet many other types of the mud separation systems, including desilters, desanders,mud agitator, mud guns and mud pumps.

And maybe another type of machines can be used(but not often), mud gas separator,This system is often referred to as the gas buster. It engulfs large amounts of free gas within the fluid in the drilling channel. The process it goes simply by introducing the mixture of mud and gas into the system. With impacts with a series of baffles installed, the mixture is then separated accordingly. There are three types of the mud gas separator. They are :Open bottom type,Closed bottom type and Float bottom type.

In one word, the Separation units in shaft sinking machines used projects are important and should be pay more attention.