KOSUN horizontal directional drilling slurry treatment

KOSUN horizontal directional drilling slurry treatment is a slurry treatment system that integrates mechanical and electrical control. The system mainly consists of slurry tanks, desanders, sand pumps, jet mixing hoppers, electrical control systems, and other components. Thanks to the design characteristics of several important processes in this system, the slurry can be treated in a graded manner, and slurry blending can also be achieved.

It is mainly used for slurry treatment in the following industries:

Slurry treatment for mud-water balance shield tunneling construction
Slurry treatment for horizontal directional drilling construction
Slurry treatment for underground continuous wall construction
Slurry treatment for bored pile foundation construction
Slurry treatment for slurry balance pipe jacking construction
Tailings treatment

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How does Xi’an KOSUN drilling mud equipment perform grading treatment on drilling mud?

Xi’an KOSUN drilling mud equipment typically follows these steps for grading treatment of drilling mud:

1, Drilling mud feeding:

The drilling mud is introduced into the equipment through the inlet.

2, Drilling mud pretreatment:

The drilling mud undergoes pretreatment using vibrating screens, desanders, and other equipment to remove larger solid particles and impurities.

3, Solid-liquid separation:

The pretreated drilling mud is sent to solid-liquid separation equipment such as centrifuges and dewatering units, where solid particles are separated from the liquid through centrifugal force, further purifying the drilling mud.

4, Solid particle treatment:

Separated solid particles can be processed using equipment such as shear pumps and dryers to meet environmental requirements.

5, Liquid recovery:

The liquid that has undergone solid-liquid separation and solid particle treatment can be recycled, reducing resource waste.

6, Harmless treatment:

The treated solid particles are subjected to harmless treatment to comply with environmental requirements.

Through these steps, Xi’an KOSUN drilling mud equipment effectively performs grading treatment on drilling mud, thereby improving drilling efficiency and environmental protection during the drilling process.

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KOSUN 7000m orbital drilling rig tank surface solids control equipment sent to Kazakhstan

Recently, the 7000-meter orbital drilling rig tank surface solids control equipment produced by KOUSN was sent to the project site in Kazakhstan. This set of solids control equipment includes KOSUN drilling fluid shaker, VD240 vacuum degasser, MD210 mud cleaner, DC450L centrifuge, MA75 And MA55 mud agitator, ignition device, centrifugal pump and other core products.

drilling rig tank surface solids control equipment

KOSUN has many orders every year from our old customers. This batch of orders and our customers are the drilling rig suppliers that KOSUN has cooperated with for a long time. For many years, KOSUN has continuously supplied oil and gas drilling solids control equipment to domestic and foreign countries. The quality assurance and customer trust of our products also establish strong confidence for us!

KOSUN solid control equipment is mainly used for solid phase control and solid-liquid separation of drilling fluid in the drilling process. Under the condition of ensuring the stable performance of drilling fluid, the mud can be recycled and reused. KOSUN solid control equipment is equipped with 5-level solid control and dispensing, weighting and other equipment, suitable for drilling projects of 500-9000 meters, and can meet the matching needs of drilling rigs from 250HP to 3000HP.

solids control equipment

KOSUN is a professional manufacturer of mud solids control equipment and drilling waste treatment system integrating product development, production and sales. Products are widely used in oil and natural gas drilling, coalbed methane drilling, geothermal drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing, pipe jacking, shield tunneling, piling and other projects, tailings treatment, river dredging and other fields. If you want to know more information, welcome to inquire!

KOSUN sent a batch of solids control equipment to the Russian drilling project site

Recently, KOSUN exported a batch of solids control equipment to Russia and sent them to the drilling project site in Russia. So far, KOSUN has sold several batches of solids control equipment to the Pan-Russian region. The pan-Russian market is one of the regions where KOSUN has cooperated for the longest time and has the largest market share. The main equipment supplied this time includes centrifuges, vacuum deaerators, screw pumps and other products.

solids control equipment
solids control equipment

In recent years, with the in-depth implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” policy, Sino-Russian relations have become more and more consolidated, and the commercial trade between the two sides has also developed rapidly. For this rapidly emerging overseas market, foreign trade people from all walks of life are high-spirited and open up the pan-Russian market through various channels. At the same time, KOSUN is also constantly striving to find better ways for more products to go abroad, insist on innovation, actively Adapt to market changes. Faced with the current unstable situation, our company has overcome all unfavorable factors and continuously and stably provided drilling mud solids control equipment to customers in the Pan-Russian region. The continuous ordering of customers also shows their trust and recognition of our company’s products. KOSUN never forgets its original intention, and strives to serve every customer well and meet all customer needs.

KOSUN is a manufacturer specializing in the production of drilling solids control equipment, mud zero discharge equipment, and oily sludge treatment equipment. We look forward to your inquiry!

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KOSUN Supplied a set of Sedimentation Tank Slime Treatment System for Shaanxi Coal Group

Recently, KOSUN successfully supplied a set of processing system for efficient cleaning of coal slime and slag for Shaanxi Coal Group, and sent it to the customer’s project site to complete the installation and commissioning. This system adopts a modular design concept, which is divided into a sedimentation tank cleaning and dehydration transfer module and a coal slag dehydration transfer module, which can be flexibly increased or decreased function module according to site needs.

Sedimentation Tank Slime Treatment
Sedimentation Tank Slime Treatment

KOSUN sedimentation tank slime treatment system effectively solves the problems of high solid content in the clear liquid in the sedimentation tank, difficult sewage treatment and high cost; cumbersome coal slime excavation and stacking process in the sedimentation tank, and time-consuming and laborious processing. The solid-phase moisture content after being treated by the KOSUN sedimentation tank slime system is less than 50%, which reduces the stacking volume and floor area, ensures that ordinary muck trucks do not cause secondary pollution when they are transported out, and reduces the amount of liquid entering the sewage treatment station. The total amount and solid content of the phase can be reduced, and the cost of liquid phase treatment can be reduced, not only can the coal slime originally discharged as waste be recycled, but also meet the requirements of national environmental protection and industry standards, and achieve the dual effect of improving economic benefits and environmental protection.

KOSUN has always provided you with solid-liquid separation solutions in the solid waste treatment industry. Customers are welcome to call for consultation!

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Theoretical Research and Manufacturing Technology of Drilling Fluid Solids Control Equipment

In recent years, the theoretical research and manufacturing technology level of domestic drilling fluid solids control equipment has been greatly developed, especially in theoretical research on the working principle of shale shaker and cyclone separator, etc., which have reached a very high level.

drilling fluid solids control

The performance and quality of drilling fluid solids control equipment is the key to solids control technology. The drilling fluid solids control system mainly includes three parts: drilling fluid circulation tank, drilling fluid purification treatment equipment and electrical control equipment. Among them, drilling fluid purification treatment equipment mainly includes shale shakers, desanders, desilters, degasser, centrifuges, sand pumps, mud agitators and mixers, etc. It can also be equipped with drill cuttings recovery and waste liquid treatment device in environmentally sensitive areas.

KOSUN drilling fluid solids control equipment has the features of small footprint, high efficiency and long life. The solids control equipment system consists of 4 shale shakers and two dryers (namely drying shaker). The four shale shaker and dryers are connected in parallel. The drilling fluid returned from the well is distributed to the shale shaker by the drilling fluid distributor. The shale shaker and dryer are used for processing and recover the leached liquid and discharge the dried particles. The dryer is actually a fine-mesh shale shaker with a 10° tilt on the sieve frame to reduce liquid loss.

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Shield Construction Slurry Treatment Plant

Shield construction technology is one of the non-excavation methods. It is a fully mechanized construction method in the subsurface excavation method. It pushes the shield machine into the ground and supports the surrounding rocks through the shield shell and segments. To prevent collapse into the tunnel, at the same time use a cutting device to excavate the soil in front of the excavation, transport it out of the tunnel by an excavating machine, press the jack at the rear to push it in, and assemble precast concrete segments to form a tunnel A mechanized construction method for structures. The slurry circulation between the shield machine and the Slurry Treatment Plant is realized by the slurry conveying system. The soil and sand excavated by the shield machine enters the cutting silo, and the agitated high-density mud water is pumped by the mud pump to the shield Slurry Treatment Plant. The system, after the mud processing system is processed, is pumped back to the excavation surface, so that the mud is recycled in the equipment.

Shield Construction Slurry Treatment Plant
Shield Construction Slurry Treatment Plant

Design highlights of KOSUN shield mud-water separation equipment

1. High degree of automation: the feeding, separating, unloading and other processes at work are continuously and automatically carried out under high-speed operation, and the automatic control of centrifugation and separation is realized by programmable control.

2. Working performance: The differential used in the mud dewatering machine is a two-stage involute planetary gear differential and a cycloid pin wheel differential that rotates. The working temperature is low, the transmission torque is large, and the performance is reliable. The design of the anti-blocking device of the screw pusher can make the power larger, which has a great effect on the torque of the equipment itself, so that the work performance is better.

3. Strong craftsmanship: The belt filter press adopts double motors and double frequency conversion energy feedback differential speed for flexible stepless adjustment and online intelligent control, and can adjust the speed and differential speed at any time according to the changes of materials. In order to achieve the energy-saving effect.

4. Low noise: The cover adopts a double-layer design with sound insulation layer, and the cover and bearing seat adopt a new type of sealing structure, coupled with precise dynamic balance, so that the noise is significantly reduced.

5. Large processing capacity: The new centrifuge has a large processing capacity due to structural improvements such as the deepening of the liquid pool, the direct rotating drum, and the clear phase guide hole on the spiral.

6. Reliable performance: The sludge dewatering machine is equipped with torque protection, power control and other protections, which can effectively eliminate or damage the machine caused by sudden failures. All transmissions are equipped with protective covers.

7. Good working site: The separation of materials by Slurry Treatment Plant is carried out under closed conditions to ensure that the operation site is clean and pollution-free, and the production is clean and hygienic to achieve clean production.

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KOSUN must do anything to enable the clients to get more benefits and to seek more business opportunities in the market. We promise to create more values for you and the society.We must develop new technologies and new products for our clients, and make our popularity on a high level in this field.We must heighten our position and set a good example in this field. A group of experienced staff are ready to serve our clients with enthusiasm at any time!

Service concept: It is all about the clients,and provide clients with high value-added products.

Service orientation:
Regard the realization of service promise as the destination; implement the concept of high-quality,high-taste, high-efficiency and all-around-way service in the process from the design, manufacturing,management to the sale of products.

Service promise:From the design, we will do every step carefully to maximize clients satisfaction.

1.Pre-sale service: Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients; enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.
(1) Select equipment model;
(2) Design and manufacture products according to clients’ special requirement;
(3) Train technical personnel for clients;

2.Service during the sale: Respect clients; devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients. (1) Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery; (2) Help clients to draft solving plans.

3.After-sale service: Provide considerate services to minimize clients’ worries.
(1) Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
(2) Install and debug the equipment;
(3) Train the first-line operators on site;
(4) Examine the equipment regularly;
(5) Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly at site;
(6) Distribute the guarantee fittings door-to-door;
(7) Provide perfect service;
(8) Provide technical exchanging;
(9) Provide maintenance for big items.

KOSUN 2019 NEFTEGAZ ended successfully

From April 15th to 18th, KOSUN splendidly presented itself at the 19th NEFTEGAZ. KOSUN brought its own drilling mud treatment equipment, drilling mud solids control system, drilling waste treatment equipment, environmental slurry treatment equipment, etc. to the exhibition, attracting many technical experts from the industry to stop at our booth and communicate with us. We conducted in-depth communication and negotiation with customers and partners from all over the world, and talked about the industry situations, and promoted innovation and development in the field of petroleum equipment.

Based on the experience accumulated over many years, KOSUN has produced a variety of products such as shale shaker, centrifuge, cuttings dryer, desander and desilter, etc., which have been rigorously tested and widely used in many major projects around the world. KOSUN mud zero-discharge equipment – VC Series cuttings dryer and oil-base/water-base mud cuttings processing system at this exhibition are recommended, and the customers expressed great interest and attention to the design concept and technological process of this product. The customers made in-depth technical and business exchanges with us at the booth. The industry insiders and customers of various countries expressed their admiration for the comprehensive strength and achievements of KOSUN, and we won wide acclaim and praises.

This show not only strengthened KOSUN’s participation in the Russian petroleum equipment market, but also provided customers with a deeper understanding of KOSUN’s products and its strength in the field of petroleum equipment manufacturing. We also learned the actual needs of the Russian market through the show platform, accurately grasped the market trend and laid a solid foundation for the next market development.

In the future, KOSUN will continue to focus on solid-liquid separation equipment and systems in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, providing better products and services to customers around the world, boosting innovation and development in the world’s petroleum and petrochemical fields, and promoting the construction of a new interconnected system in the global petroleum and petrochemical industry.

KOSUN mud separation technology showed in International Environmental Protection Industry Expo

In November 17, the 3rd Xi’an International Environmental Protection Industry Expo 2017 was held in the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. KOSUN attended this exhibition as an environmental protection enterprise with mud separation technology.

Xi'an International Environmental Protection Industry Expo -KOSUN

Nearly 400 green enterprises participated in this exhibition, which are distributed in 3 exhibition halls. This time, KOSUN mainly demonstrated the mud separation technology, which is mainly related to the industries such as shield mud treatment system, oilfield drilling mud treatment, municipal sewage treatment, tailings treatment, construction mud treatment, river dredging and oil sludge treatment Solutions and equipment applications.

During the exhibition, KOSUN technicians specialized in answering the questions of mud handling during construction and conducted in-depth technical exchanges with customers, laying the foundation for subsequent cooperation.

mud separation technology

During the 3 days (November 17-19) show, although the temperature of the field was close to zero, KOSUN always participated in the exhibition with full enthusiasm and actively communicated with viewers. When the viewers had a certain understanding of KOSUN Solid-liquid separation products and environmental solutions, most of them have a cooperation intention with KOSUN.

KOSUN is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sale of solid-liquid separation equipment and systems. KOSUN devotes itself to resource conservation and environmental protection, provides products and services related to solid waste treatment on the basis of dedicated environmental separation mechanical equipment manufacturing, and has evolved into a comprehensive service provider of system integration, complete equipment, engineering construction, debugging & operation, and maintenance management in such six major fields as engineering machinery, industrial sludge treatment, river & lake sludge and municipal sludge disposal, soil remediation and comprehensive utilization of tailings.

In recent years, with the enhancement of people’s environmental protection awareness, KOSUN’s environmental protection equipment has attracted numerous exhibitors from related industries. We hope that we can create greater glorie in environmental protection!(Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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