Piling desander/desander for Piling

Piling desander/desander for Piling is the best solution of Mud sludge treatment in Bored Pile Construction.

Piling desander
Piling desander

How to process slurry of bored pile construction? This is a difficult problem in the construction of bored piles. The conventional mud treatment solution of bored pile is in the process of drilling,  using shaker screen to separate and filter the small gravel, sand and other solid particles from the mud. Then the mud is discharged to the sink and precipitated fully. The sediment is carried to the evaporating pool by  the excavator. Until the natural dehydration solidifies, the sediment is transported to the storage yard. This slurry treatment methods is feasible for small pile foundation. If there is a large quantity of pile base and the amount of mud,it is not applicable.

How to process slurry of bored pile construction?  There are two solutions:1. The mud is pumped into the tanker and then is delivered to the designated place. The mud need to cover a large area, so the cost is very high. 2. First, the mud is dewatering by the mud and water dewatering equipment  Piling desander/desander for Piling , the water can be used again and the mud can be carried to make bricks.

KOSUN recommend the second pile mud treatment solution. Using special mud and water separation equipment  Piling desander/desander for Piling to solve the problem of large quantity of pile foundation and huge amount of mud.

KOSUN Piling desander/desander for Piling working principle:

The Piling desander/desander for Piling used of vibrating screen and cyclone desander sieve filtration principle, under the action of vibration force at high speed, large size sludge were filtered, and the clean water separated from sludge back to the mud recovery tank, the waste slurry will be discharge d form shaker and transported by the loading vehicle , the filtered water will be reuse again.

EPB TBM waste mud treatment system

EPB TBM waste mud treatment system is the equipment who is supported the Earth Pressure Balance Shields to treat  the mud which is produced when constructing. So called Earth Pressure Balance Shields (EPB) turn the excavated material into a soil paste that is used as pliable, plastic support medium. This makes it possible to balance the pressure conditions at the tunnel face, avoids uncontrolled inflow of soil into the machine and creates the conditions for rapid tunnelling with minimum settlement.

The special feature of Earth Pressure Balance Shields is that they use the excavated soil directly as support medium. This method is the first choice in cohesive soils with high clay and silt contents and low water permeability. A rotating cutting wheel equipped with tools is pressed onto the tunnel face and excavates the material. The soil enters the excavation chamber through openings, where it mixes with the soil paste already there. Mixing arms on the cutting wheel and bulkhead mix the paste until it has the required texture. The bulkhead transfers the pressure of the thrust cylinders to the pliable soil paste. When the pressure of the soil paste in the excavation chamber equals the pressure of the surrounding soil and groundwater, the necessary balance has been achieved.

KOSUN EPB TBM waste mud treatment system is the most advanced technolog ical products in the world. It can meet the environ mental requirements on urban construction and processing. It can aso save construction costs, reduce mud emissions and reduce environmental pollution. It is an economical, efficient and environment-friendly necessary construction equipment.The market demand of environ mental EPB TBM waste mud treatment system will be increasing.

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The current main process of waste sludge treatment and disposal

The current main process of waste sludge treatment and disposal:

 waste sludge treatment and disposal
waste sludge treatment and disposal

First, sludge anaerobic fermentation

Anaerobic three stages: hydrolysis, fermentation, methane production.


1, large investment, high operating costs, safety issues.

2, sludge need to preheat and consume a lot of heat.

3, produce a large amount of biogas residue, need to deal with again.

4, methane gas is difficult to incorporate into the municipal pipe network.

5, the northern winter can not run.

Second, sludge aerobic composting

Using straw and other excipients to reduce the water content of sludge to 60%, increase the gap to achieve the required CN ratio, continue to add oxygen, by 25-30 days of fermentation humus. To stabilize,and then can be used as landscaping and land improvement disposal.

Mainly include: natural compost, closed compost, roller compost, vertical multi-layer composting.


1, sludge muddy instability, heavy metal is difficult to stabilize, can only be used as landscaping fertilizer.

2, the composting process produces a lot of odor, which may pollute the surrounding environment.

3, adding a large amount of straw and other conditioning agents, continuous oxygen supply, operating costs 200 yuan / t or more.

Third, sludge incineration power generation

Core equipment is incinerator, the main equipment is the tower, the bottom of the perforated plate, the plate placed on the hot carrier sand burning bed, tower lined with refractory material, the gas from the bottom access, after the sludge into the boiling fluidized state of combustion .


1, large investment, serious corrosion of the boiler, high maintenance costs.

2, high operating costs.

3, a greater impact on exhaust emissions, easy to produce dioxin and other harmful gases.

Fourth, sludge sanitary landfill

Landfill is mainly mixed with rubbish and the landfill site is constructed with the cost of 50-60 yuan / t. It is easy to pollute the water source, the atmosphere and occupy a large area. At present, the land resources used for landfill in our country are tense, Mud landfill will soon be no way out.

Fifth, rotary kiln drying

Using coal or natural gas and other energy to dry sludge dehydration.


1, energy consumption, high operating costs.

2, high temperature drying easy to produce odor.

3, the drying process of dust control requirements, there are security risks.

Six, box filter secondary pressure

The sludge diluted about 90%, after adding pharmaceuticals, secondary pressure filtration.


1, moisture content can only be 75-65%.

2, adding a large number of agents to increase the dry weight of sludge, operating costs higher.

3, the limitations of sludge reuse increased.

Seven, curing agent stability

In the original sludge by adding lime and other curing agent, chemical reaction with the sludge release a lot of heat, reducing water content.


1, add a lot of lime, aluminum-based materials, sludge increment.

2, sludge can not be used again.

3, higher operating costs.

So if relying on a single process, it would be difficult to meet the sludge treatment and disposal requirements. For different regions and different types of sludge, taking into account the climate, regional characteristics, the conditions of the construction site, the combination of a variety of techniques in order to achieve the best results. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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The necessity of mud purification recovery

The necessity of mud purification recovery

During Non-excavation directional drilling, due to the diameter of a large hole, such as West-East Gas Pipeline and Jining pipeline project, with a diameter of 1016mm steel pipe, in the reaming stage, the amount of mud is very large.( mud purification recovery)

Rotary Drilling Rigs Slurry System
Rotary Drilling Rigs Slurry System

Usually, the non-excavation drill is through the open system, in the general through, the amount of mud are more than 3000 cubic meters, and some even reach 10,000 cubic meters. The amount of mud is large, not only increases the cost of mud and land acquisition, the more serious problem is that after the completion of waste mud if not effective treatment, pollution of farmland and water will cause ecological problems.

TBM slurry separation system
TBM slurry separation system

With the enhancement of environmental awareness, it is imperative to develop and use mud purification and recovery equipment.

The slurry purification and recovery unit can carry out solid phase treatment of the returned slurry and then recycle it, on the one hand, reducing the amount of mud, reducing the pollution to the environment and reducing the amount of waste disposal. On the other hand, the recovered mud is ” maturity Mud “, the performance is relatively stable,it can reduce the performance instability caused by underground accidents, to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

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Introduction of the Main Equipment for Solid Control System

Recent years, with the requirement of high working efficiency in drilling industry, a new system has been designed and developed in some big solid control manufacturer, and the system is called “solid control system”. Kosun as the leading original manufacturer of solid control equipment and drilling waste management unit, the “solid control system” is not a problem for us.How to understand solid control system? As the professional solid control system manufacturer, we have our own understanding about this system.

Introduction of the Main Equipment for Solid Control System:

The first main equipment for solid control system should be the vacuum degasser,We could analytics from the function of vacuum degasser. Generally speaking, horizontal vacuum degasser will be used to separate the gas from the drilling solids. What’s the reason to do like that? Because we should do everything to prevent any dangerous elements in oil & gas drilling fields. That’s why we should put the vacuum degasser as the first role.

The second one should be mud cleaner. KOSUN MD Series Mud Cleaner is the second stage separation equipment for drilling fluids, which deals with the mud being treated by the first grade separation equipment. The barite will be recovered and cuttings which are bigger than barite will be removed. Then the barite in the underflow will flow into circulation tanks through the screens when the weighted mud passes while the particles that are bigger than mesh will be removed.

The third equipment, we think it should be shale shaker (with necessary steel frame shaker screen). Actually, after the drilling solids have been transported and fed into vacuum degasser and mud cleaner, the third step is going with shale shaker. Commonly, we still need to be transported the solids onto the shale shaker, or we could say onto the surface of shaker screen. The equipment of transporting we should use is centrifugal sand pump or screw pump; and we may use shear pump to cut the drilling solids into small one if they are in big size. With the different design of the shaker screen’s mesh, we could get the drilling solids separated in different sizes.

The fourth equipment should be the decanter centrifuge. KOSUN DC Series Decanter Centrifuge is used to separate suspended solids ≥2μm in diameter and treat the drilling mud and fluids. It is especially effective when used in oilfield service industry, industrial service industry and especially in environmentally sensitive areas. This type of centrifuge is high in recovery rate, effective in solids control and remarkable in the reduction of cost spent on drilling mud resupplying and management. It is a very sophisticated dynamic balancing machine, able to operate stably with the whirling speed ranging from 0 to 3900 and generate centrifugal force of 3000G. In solid control system, decanter centrifuge has been popularly used, which is also the popular one for drilling waste management. In this step, we could not only get the result of separating, but also we could separate the oil from the drilling solids, even if the oil is just a little part.

Of course, the whole equipment must be mounted on the top of drilling mud tank, which is a kind of basic equipment for both solid control system and drilling waste management (vertical cutting dryer is the core equipment for this system), but it is a kind of powerful equipment.

KOSUN was founded in Xi’an China in 1992. Up to now, KOSUN has formed a strategic layout integrating three centers and two industries. The Production, R&D and Domestic Sales Center is located in Xi’an China, the Overseas Project Management Center and International Trade Center in Beijing China and the Oilfield Services and Oilfield Engineering Center in Aktobe Kazakhstan in Central Asia. The two industries are traditional oil drilling solids control equipment manufacturing industry and integrated oil & gas drilling waste management service industry respectively.
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Mixing and Grouting Plants, Mixing and Grounting Units and Stations

Mixing and Grouting Plants

Mixing and Grouting Plants or Mixing and Grouting unit(Mixing and Grouting Plants stations)are used in separation step during different projections, such as soil nails, tie-backs, soil mixing, jet grouting, grout compaction, vertical tie downs and injection grouting. Slurry obtained from field is not in its pure form.

It is usually mixed with particles and different liquids. Thus separation of these component in mixing and grounting plants is necessary. Kosun made system also give App end and PC control end to easily control the whole running.

Mixing and Grouting Plants
Mixing and Grouting Plants

For detailed phares in mixing and grouting plants(mixing and grouting units),the Separation of projection mud is done by the system which is an physical speparation flow.

Mixing and grounting stations

This Separation process is carried out by passing the slurry through an Separation. Mixing is brought in contact with the slurry at this time. High proportions of solids is scattered by shakers.

This process can be modified for extraction of specific slurry to increase its effectiveness. Extraction of other heavier slurry is up to 100% with use of this process. However for lighter solids, it is not an ideal process.

Mixing and grounting units

By the end of this process in mixing and grouting plants, 90 – 95 % of mud is obtained from the slurry stream. Move over, some energy is used to convert slurry from complex components into resuable slurry from by centrifuging it.

This decreases the cost associated with extraction of ethane from effluent. Thus separation of slurry from solids in mixing and grounting plants not only makes them pure and clean for use but also helps in obtaining valuable solids itself.

Fully understanding of the above detailed information will be hard, its a little bit different with TBM Separation plants or mine tailings treatment plants, but the real application case of the mixing and grounting plants is increasing the numbers day by day, some companies like Kosun from China have paid their attention on the related mechanics research. The performance is good, but still many progress can be achieved in the recent time. in the recent time.

AVN 2000 Slurry System Replacement from Kosun

AVN 2000 Slurry System Replacement

AVN slurry system with a conical crusher is a safety tunnel boring machine with a diameter range of 0.4 to 4 meters. These micro expert experts show great potential, especially in the case of unreachable machines.

The mud-supported mining concept allows the use of these machines from a variety of ground conditions, from sludge to clay to non-clay, as well as gravel and rock. According to the diameter, it is possible in the tube top and the segmented lining.

Kosun AVN 2000 Slurry System Replacement
AVN 2000 Slurry System Replacement
Because of its various applications, Kosun AVN 2000 slurry system replacement have proven their value in more than 1,000 projects worldwide.
This mature machine technology can even be installed in the fast, efficient and efficient tunneling, even in the most difficult projects in the pipe jacking or sub-lining.
Kosun avn 2000 mud system replacament is usually used to cover sediment or small gravel items, but uses many different products. Kosun can customize these systems to meet your hourly code items. These systems can also be equipped with hydraulic mortar to remove large debris and mud mechanical dredging materials.
The efficient clay separation process has the following essential characteristics: the excavated dregs are thoroughly separated and dehydrated until a very low moisture content is reached; bentonite and other additives are added according to geological conditions. The less the residual moisture, the lighter the weight of the residue to be separated, the lower the cost of the slag.
In addition, in the sand and cohesive soil tunneling, if the suspended particles in the residual particles, will be due to mud suspension adsorption of solid particles to reduce the ability to reduce the tunneling speed. In this case, use a filter press and a centrifugal separator to avoid muddy mud.
Kosun with more than 20 years experience and best after sale service gained well recognized all over the world. We are looking forward to cooperation with you.

AVN 2000 mud management system replacement provided by Kosun

AVN 2000 Mud Management System Replacement

Drillings rigs that are used onshore for mud separation processes has a vast number of components. Equipment connected to a rig is in some instances dependant on the type of rig but they in most cases have the same components. The drilling fluid being used during the mud separation process must be compatible with the formations being drilled

The shale shaker is the first phase of a solids control system on a drilling rig and they remove large cuttings from the drilling fluid, mud separation from fluids. A shale shaker is a primary mud separation tool on a drilling rig, they are considered tube very vital as all other equipment will be affected by the effectiveness of a shale shaker after it has cleaned and treated the drilling fluids.

AVN 2000 Mud Management System Replacement
AVN 2000 Mud Management System Replacement

Decanter centrifuge is also a major component on the mud separation system, its a device that helps separate the finest silt and sand from the drilling fluid. The centripetal acceleration on a centrifuge causes the substances and particles that are denser to move outwards in the radial direction. A mud tank is used for storing drilling fluid on a drilling rig, it also works as the base for the solids control equipment. Mud tanks are a vital component on a mud separation unit.

A desander and desilter are also for mud separation on oil rigs. They are a couple of hydrocyclones that deal with the separation of silt and sand from the drilling fluids found in drilling rigs. Desanders are usually located right on top of a mud tank and they will be followed by the degasser and the shale shakers . The vacuum degasser is also a necessary component on an oil based mud separation system, its purpose is the removal of gas from drilling fluids as this might cause the formation of bubbles.

Desander Systems of Kosun Manufacturer

Desander Systems

Desander Systems series of desander cleaner is the treatment of drilling mud secondary control equipment. The DS series desander cleaner is a two-stage solid control device for drilling mud.

Commonly used cyclone diameter of 12 “and 10”, for the separation of drilling mud particle size of 47 ~ 76μm solid particles.

It is used to separate the solid particles in the drilling mud with particle size of 47 ~ 76μm. Application areas: large oil rig supporting, supporting large-scale non-excavation rigs, shield engineering support, river dredging works, etc.


Desander Systems
Desander Systems

Desander Cleaner Features:

1.Separation of drilling mud in the particle size of 47 ~ 76μm solid particles.

2.Compact structure, small footprint space.

3.the number of custom cyclone and material to choose from; its material can be used polyurethane, high chromium cast iron or ceramic wear materials.

4.Thick Steel Plate, the Perfect Hydraulic System
The equipment tank with 8mm thick steel plate, integrated in the tank inside the advanced water sand separation system. Base with 20mm thick steel plate, durable. Switch base with manual hydraulic system, and with safety bolts, so that the base switch and seal becomes simple, safe and convenient.

5. Dynamic and Stable
Equipment using advanced pneumatic diaphragm pump, driven by high-pressure gas, resulting in a steady stream of high-pressure water for the rapid demolition of sand to provide a strong driving force.

6. Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation
The whole debris removal process does not damage the water in the tank, will not cause water waste.

7. Mobile and Flexible
The device is equipped with a forklift fork for the use of the ear block, easy to move, a sand removal equipment can be used for multiple water knives.

Desander Systems from Brand Kosun Manufacturer with more than 20 years experience and is well recognized by clients all over the world.

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HDD Rig Separation Unit Lower Cost

HDD rig separation unit

HDD rig separation unit,refers to the mud recycling machines in the whole HDD rig system, and for the meaning of HDD, that’s can be easily know by search in Google, it’s the abbreviation form of Horizontal Directional Drilling,(also can be called directional boring),which are widely used in the complex ground or tunnel drilling works, telecommunications and power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines, and environmental remediation casings.

Hdd rig separation unit
Hdd rig separation unit

And from the old time, people only dig holes and tunnels by hand tools, but when digging in special terrains such as under the lakes or with high humidity, there are more chances to encounter the dangers while drilling like collapse, water percolation and etc, so the modern technology make the HDD rig come into the light.

For the different technical advantages, the several main elite companies who can make the perfect HDD rig is just the following: 1, Herrenknecht AG, a German based group which mainly specialize in mechanized tunneling with 3,100+ projects in the world. 2, NORMAG, A Holland based company which mainly doing business with HDD & micro-tunneling. And for the HDD rig separation unit or HDD rig separation system manufacturers, Kosun is the one with longest manufacturing history – about 24 years with the main products starting from oilfield drilling mud separation system, and with the technology and experience, they’re expanding the servicing area from the traditional oil drilling to the HDD rig separation and make the good performance for the new try.

Even from the worldwide, the most valuable HDD rig separation unit manufacturer is hard to find, because the lower cost and high efficiency was not easy to perform best at same time. For the common company without full powered backup in budget, maybe the cheaper Separation unit for HDD rig from Kosun will be you good choice.