Main Equipment of KOSUN Shield Mud Treatment System

A complete set of Shield Mud Treatment System, the main equipment includes: shale shaker, de-sander, desilter, bottom drying shaker, slurry pump, slurry circulation tank, etc. Slurry shield and pipe jacking are often constructed in cities, and the user’s construction site usually requires small equipment footprint and high treatment efficiency. KOSUN Shield Mud Treatment System is specially designed for this purpose. The design concept is to arrange the equipment as high as possible. In addition, in order to meet the diversified operation requirements of customers, KOSUN Shield Mud Treatment System is composed of modular assembly, which can be assembled into a complete set of large-capacity systems, or it can be split and used as a small-capacity system. In addition, it also meets the needs of users for quick disassembly and assembly during mobile construction.

A large amount of mud containing sand and rocks will be produced during the construction of slurry shield and pipe jacking. In order to protect the environment and save water resources, it is necessary to carry out solid-liquid separation treatment on the shield mud.

With the mud-water shield and pipe jacking construction, the mud is continuously purified through the Shield Mud Solid-liquid Separation Treatment System, and ultrafine particles will continue to accumulate, which will eventually affect the shield and pipe jacking construction. Moreover, after the construction of the shield and the pipe jacking is completed, the waste mud also needs to be dehydrated. At this time, the decanter centrifuge can play an important role. Through mechanical separation or mechanical and chemical flocculation and separation, the ultrafine particles in the shield mud can be effectively separated, and clean water can be discharged for recycling or meeting environmental protection discharge requirements.

KOSUN Shield TBM Muck Disposal and Treatment method

During the construction of Shenzhen Metro Line 14, KOSUN Environmental Protection Shield TBM Muck Disposal and Treatment System has been used to separate sand, fine sand and soil from the tailings, dehydrate and dry them, reduce transportation and reuse resources. Completely achieve zero mud discharge, meet the requirements of environmental protection. The Shield TBM Muck Disposal and Treatment System adopts modular design, which consists of coarse shale shaker, sand washer, fine shale shaker, sand desander cyclone, slurry pump and manifold, filter press and other components. The system structure is simple, which can meet the transportation and rapid disassembly.

Shield TBM Muck Disposal and Treatment
Shield TBM Muck Disposal and Treatment

In urban subway construction, shield tunneling has become one of the main choices of tunnel construction. The large amount of waste muck generated by shield tunneling has brought challenges to the urban environment in many aspects, and the dehydration, transportation, landfill and other processes of the waste muck will have a great adverse impact on the environment. As a kind of urban mineral resources, the muck will occupy a large amount of land resources for landfill and absorption. Meanwhile, the slope of the heap has the risk of landslide. If the muck is recycled as synchronous grouting material, ecological brick raw material, subgrade filler, etc., it will effectively improve the ecological and environmental protection function of subway construction. However, at present, the utilization rate of shield muck is very limited in China, so it needs to be promoted and popularized.

KOSUN environmental protection Shield TBM Muck Disposal and Treatment System deliverying Muck by the belt conveyor system from the depths of the tunnel to the ground sediment separation system of feed hopper, the final separation sand transport by belt machine to trucking, lift the graded the residue dehydration separation and drying, realize the inorganic raw materials, water reuse, recycling waste muck is achieved, also it also produced a good economic benefit, added new “magic weapon” for the green construction and urban infrastructure.

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