Future development trend of drilling oilfield mud tank system

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the drilling oilfield mud tank system will develop in the direction of intelligence. The application of intelligent sensor, automatic control system and data analysis technology can realize real-time monitoring and remote control of mud tank system, and improve operation efficiency and safety.

Increased environmental awareness and the requirements of relevant regulations will promote the development of drilling oilfield mud tank system in a more environmentally friendly direction. For example, more efficient solid-liquid separation equipment and waste disposal technologies reduce environmental impact and enable the recycling of mud.

The drilling oilfield mud tank system will be designed and operated more efficiently. Achieve faster and more economical drilling operations by optimizing mud formulations, improving mud circulation efficiency, and reducing energy consumption and waste generation.

The application of automation technology will improve the automation level of drilling oilfield mud tank system, reducing manual intervention and operational errors. For example, the application of automated control systems and machine learning algorithms enables the automatic regulation and optimization of mud tank systems.

The application of digital technology will realize the digital management of drilling oilfield mud tank system. Through big data analysis, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, real-time monitoring, analysis and prediction of mud tank system operation data are carried out to improve the efficiency and reliability of the system.

KOSUN drilling oilfield mud tank system

In a word, the future drilling oilfield mud tank system will develop in the direction of intelligence, environmental protection, high efficiency, automation and digitalization to meet the needs of the drilling industry for safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

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Application of Petroleum Water-Based Drilling Mud Purification System

The petroleum water-based mud drilling waste treatment system is widely used in the field of oil and gas drilling and workover. It is mainly to separate the solid and liquid in the drilling, so that the drilling can be recycled, also called the drilling mud purification system.

Oily sludge is oily solid waste produced in the process of oil extraction, transportation, refining and oily sewage treatment. Oily sludge contains a lot of benzene series, toxic substances, etc. If oily sludge is not treated, it will not only pollute the environment, but also cause waste of resources.

KOSUN petroleum water-based mud drilling mud purification system can recycle waste drilling fluid waste, reduce treatment costs, recover useful mud and water, realize resource utilization, avoid environmental pollution by waste, and comply with regulations Environmental discharge requirements for waste.

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Advantages of drilling mud system

Operating principle of drilling mud non-landing system:

In the process of oil and gas field drilling, the drilling mud and cuttings are treated continuously while drilling through specific equipment and technology, and the treated mud is recycled repeatedly, and the cuttings and harmful substances are treated, so as to protect the soil at the drilling site from being polluted. The treatment process is divided into: first, solid-liquid separation and waste residue recovery unit; Second, the waste drying unit.

Advantages of drilling mud system:

The use of the non-landing mud system eliminates the direct excavation of the circulation pool, reduces land use, reduces related costs, and reduces the workload of the well team.Once the system is put into use, it can not only realize the continuous treatment of drilling mud and solid waste, but also recycle the two, which is both environmentally friendly and energy-saving.Mud pollution to the environment will be further controlled, drilling operations will be green.At the same time, the mud system can directly obtain good social and economic benefits.

1. The recycling and clean production of solid waste meet the requirements of circular economy and environmental protection, effectively reduce the environmental risk caused by waste drilling fluid, and help to protect the ecological environment;

Ii. The “smaller” mud and sewage pool reduces the occupied area of the land and saves a certain amount of land collection fee for the oil field company;

3. Compared with the curing treatment cost of waste mud mainly used before, the use of the non-landing mud system has the characteristics of low cost and good effect. Cuttings separated by this technology can be discharged to the standard. As paving material, crop cultivation soil, etc. The water can be recycled to achieve the purpose of waste utilization, energy conservation and emission reduction.