The function of solids control system in the process of oil drilling

The solids control system in the oil drilling process mainly realizes the control and separation of the solid phase and the liquid phase of the drilling fluid, and recycles the drilling fluid, also known as the mud purification system. The solids control system is composed of several modular combined tanks to avoid mud settling at the bottom of the mud tank. A stirring device is designed on the mud tank. The tanks of the entire circulation system are independent and connected to each other to form a certain technological process meets the requirements of mud purification and meets the technical requirements of oil drilling construction.

Design multiple purification equipment in the solids control system. The supporting equipment contains shale shaker, mud agitator and desilter, etc., to reduce the discharge of waste cement slurry, avoid environmental pollution accidents, improve the safety and environmental protection of oil drilling construction, and achieve green drilling Construction needs.

For oil drilling operations, vertical wells are the simplest drilling task. However, directional wells and horizontal wells are difficult to drill and are complex drilling operations. The solids control system for drilling construction is to meet the technical requirements of drilling fluid solids control. Through the solids control equipment, the solid content in the drilling fluid is reasonably controlled, and the purification of the drilling fluid is strengthened to make its performance meet the technical requirements of complex drilling construction. Reduce the cost of drilling construction as much as possible, improve the quality of oil drilling construction, and meet the needs of oil and gas field exploration and development.

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