Mine Tailings Treatment System Good Performance

Mine Tailings Treatment

With the development of economy, the demand for mineral products increased significantly, the scale of mining development increased, resulting in the number of beneficiation tailings will continue to increase; coupled with the number of available metal ore grade is decreasing, in order to meet the growing mineral products Demand, the scale of mineral processing is increasing, so the number of beneficiation tailings will also be a substantial increase, and a large number of tailings, to the mining, the environment and the economy caused a lot of problems. So how to deal with tailings? What are the tailings treatment?

1, tailings storage. The amount of tailings for a plant is large and must be properly stored;

2, tailings water reuse. In order to reduce the consumption of fresh water and tailings water emissions, to reduce the tailings of the water pollution, tailings water reuse to pay attention.

3, tailings water purification. Drainage to the tailings of the plant, if the impurity content exceeds the national health standards, tailings water must be purified after the discharge.

mine tailings treatment
mine tailings treatment

Mine Tailings treatment system dedicated to the tailings of the mud separation, mud can be graded treatment to achieve the purpose of mud and water separation;

Set the mechanical and electrical control as one of the mine tail mud water treatment system;

Tailings Treatment System The surface coating is durable and ensures that the system is used in applications where wear and corrosion are large.

Mine Tailings treatment system characteristics

(1) low energy consumption, high dehydration rate, easy installation and use, easy maintenance;

(2) tailings centrifuge to achieve tailings slag dry speed manually adjustable, the most important thing is to automatically start the device automatically control the protection;

(3) tailings centrifuge without filter cloth, do not have to backwash water, can be applied to a variety of materials to choose the actual situation.

Tailings treatment system applications

Applicable to all kinds of tailings mud treatment, slime dehydration, washed quartz sand, construction mud dehydration, washing field sand field mud sludge treatment.

Tailings treatment system advantages

The general concentration of 18% -30% of the tailings slurry, after my company’s tailings treatment system after treatment, tailings sludge moisture content of 10% -30%, and even some coarse sand tailings can reach 10% Fully meet the tailings dry pile, the treated water is clear and transparent (optional flocculant) to achieve the standard of recycling.