TBM Mud System of Kosun

TBM Mud system

TBM mud system has a good effect on the mud produced in the shield construction. TBM slurry separation system is the module system structure. The TBM mud system is designed to handle the various mud used in common shield construction techniques.

TBM mud system and drilling and blasting are being used for construction of tunnels. Drilling and blasting uses various explosives or gas pressure blasting for breaking the rock to be excavated. Before the practice of TBM system separation use drilling and blasting was the most economical ways to make tunnels through hard rocks. Even till date drilling is practiced in some places.

TBM Mud System
TBM Mud System

The decision as to which mechanism for making tunnel is to be used depends on the length of the tunnel. Cost of TBMs is high but due to their fast rate of penetration and less man power necessity, per meter cost in long tunnel is comparatively very less. Even the condition of ground has to be taken into consideration as to which mechanism is to be used.

Tunnel boring machine separation have several advantages over drilling and blasting as–
–    Excavation speed – Main advantage of TBMs is its speed. Their speed though depends on various factor is up to 100-150 meters per day in favorable conditions. In Norway these had reportedly excavated the rate of 300 meters in very extreme conditions.
–    Ventilation is better in the tunnels made
–    Its circular profile helps long term stability
–    Safety of workers is assured; at first within the tunnel boring machine separation and later by traditional support mechanisms
–    Improved working conditions for workers- highly mechanized tunnel boring machine separation help the worker thus less intensive work has to be performed by them.
–    Simplified disposal- as the cutting are of similar sizes, their disposal to the surface is much easier.

Due to this tunnel boring machine separation are cost effective and efficient in long drive tunnels with straight opening underground for workers. They cost one third of the cost of drilling and blasting and greatly decreased construction time.

Soilmec Mud System of Kosun

Soilmec Mud System

Soilmec Mud System on an oilfield is quite a complex  system, it requires so many pieces of equipment to ensure that it is done effectively, safely, in a clean manner and also that extraction is well executed.

There are various components involved in Soilmec Mud System on an oilfield however below are the ones that are the most important as they reduce costs, accidents and they generally have a bette impact on the environment.

Soilmec Mud System
Soilmec Mud System

A shale shaker is one of the most vital equipments on an oilfield for the purposes of mud separation, they help separate the cuttings (large solids) from the mud (drilling fluids). After the mud separation, shale shakers are also used to ensure that the drill bit is cool, the fluids from this process can be used multiple times. Getting the mud separation done before disposing the cuttings helps reduce the costs of drilling as well as the environmental impact.

Oilfield mud separations is also efficient when there is a Degasser in play. They are used to remove substances such as methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide as well as various other gases, this helps with the safety on oilfield rigs as the rates of explosion will be significantly lower. Another tool the is efficient for mud separation on oilfield rigs is the Mud Cleaner, it is a mesh that has very tiny holes that stops solids from entering into the mud, this is because mud has to be very clean before it reaches the drill.

Sand Pumps and Stabbing guides are also the most important tools for Soilmec Mud System. Sand pumps deal with the moving of deposits from the drilling sites, they are usually placed in oil and fluid tanks that will be filled with sand.

Stabbing guides are used to align pins to box threads so as to ensure that the connection is accurate and damage free, they also help with corrosion, protect against impact and extreme temperatures. So the Shale shaker, Degasser, Mud Cleaner , Sand Pumps and the Stabbing Guides are the most important tools for mud separation.

Pipe Jacking Machine Mud System from Kosun

Pipe Jacking Machine Mud System

Pipe jacking Machine mud system is mainly composed of mud vibrating screen, desanding cyclone combination, demisting cyclone combination, gravel pump and electric control system.

Pipe jacking Machine system of the pipe jacking machine is responsible for the separation of the mud from the mud pipe during the tunneling process. Can greatly improve the site of mud water treatment efficiency and construction progress.

Pipe jacking Machine mud system
Pipe jacking Machine mud system

The mud produced in the construction of the pipe jacking is specially treated, and the pipe jacking machine system can be understood as a mud separation system for supporting the mud for the pipe jacking machine.

At present, there are many domestic manufacturers of mud separation system, but the actual application of the equipment is less, and Kosun as the leading domestic 25 years of rich experience in the production of well-known TBM slurry separation system equipment manufacturers, pipe jacking machine mud management system, mud treatment equipment R & D production is very mature, many mud separation system exported to foreign countries.

In the field of micro shield, pipe jacking construction, continuous wall construction, urban construction piling, river dredging, environmental protection and other fields, can produce different specifications of the amount of mud separation system equipment used to support different caliber miniature shield machine, pipe jacking machine , Rotary drilling rigs and so on.

In the pipe jacking pipe system production process, from the design R & D production test machine, and other links, close communication with customers, strict checks to ensure product quality; Branch Xun mechanical pipe jacking mud system equipment, people-oriented, user-friendly design, Pay attention to workers’ safe operation, system design escalators and other safety measures.

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TBM Slurry Separation System Application of Kosun

TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM slurry separation system are used in different purposes like roads, railways metros, sewage, etc. These applications can be classified broadly based on their uses as –
– Traffic Tunneling
– Utility Tunneling
– Mining
Traffic tunneling –
With growing population they is also a need of new traffic control system. Many infrastructure companies have made new tunnels of hundreds of kilometers using tunnel boring machine separations.

TBM Slurry Separation System for sale
TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM slurry separation system with wide range of diameters and different types are efficient to tunnels in all ground conditions.
– Earth pressure balance shield TBM slurry system can be used for road tunnels.
– Trans regional transportation via trains under river or within mountains can be done using tunnel boring machine separations
– Fast and alternative to railway communication, metro tunnels can be made by innovative tunnel boring machine separations
Utility Tunneling –
As the development of the cities is taking places, less space availability is common issue faced. To solve this governments have started using underground tunnels for transportation of oil and gas pipelines, telephone lines, sewage and water system.
– Water and sewage system- efficient sustainable and within budget tunnels can be prepared by tunnel boring machine separations
– Hydropower – construction of small and large hydropower plants require shaft construction and tunnel boring machine separations. These provide efficient infrastructure.
– Transportation of oil/gas underground- underground tunnels can be used to transport oil and gas cost effectively, quickly and safely.
Mining –
Underground mining conditions have now changed with tunnel boring machine separations. They are used in mining for constructions of inclined excavating shafts and vertical sinking shafts, transport tunnels, production shaft or transport access, etc. These offer safety of worker and also time of construction is significantly reduced. Thus the overall cost of the project is minimized along with its time scale to be finished it.

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Pipe Jacking Machine Mud Management System

Pipe Jacking Machine Mud Management System

Pipe Jacking Machine Mud Management System method should be selected according to the actual situation of the terrain, engineering and hydrogeology, traffic conditions, ground buildings, underground pipelines and the presence of underground obstructions along the construction and the requirements for surface deformation control , Must ensure that the safety, to ensure quality, affordable, land conservation, pipe jacking machine construction mud treatment.

The mud treatment equipment is a mud purification treatment machine developed for the construction mud, the bridge pile foundation project, the underground tunnel shield engineering and the non-excavation construction.

pipe jacking machine mud management system
pipe jacking machine mud management system

It can effectively control the slurry quality of the construction mud, solid-liquid separation of the solid particles in the mud, improve the pile formation rate, reduce the amount of bentonite to reduce the cost of pulp. Can realize the environmental transportation and slurry discharge of the sludge residue, and meet the on-site requirements of the environmental protection construction.

The construction sequence of the pipe jacking should be considered from the whole drainage system. The pipe treatment of the pipe jacking machine should start from the downstream, and the construction condition should be better when the initial excavation section is carried out.

The technical risk is less and the top And the necessary field technical data testing and analysis work in order to understand the actual soil under the ground to adapt to the construction environment, to master the operation of the pipe jacking equipment, reasonable organization of the operator, through the initial excavation section of the jacking summary, further Adjust the construction of technical parameters, optimize the next step pipe construction process.

All the pipe jacking equipment must be repaired, pipe jacking machine mud treatment after passing the inspection before being transported into the construction site. In the work of the pit must be installed when the single machine and the whole linkage debugging, in the jacking must implement a routine maintenance system.


TBM Sand Washing System of Kosun

TBM Sand Washing System

TBM Sand Washing System is an indispensable supporting facilities in modern shield construction. Shield construction is the use of shield tunneling machine in the railway, highway, subway, municipal, water and other pipe tunnel excavation construction, with the shield The improvement of the technology, the shield construction workers TBM Sand Washing System equipment selection, technology and other aspects of the higher requirements.

TBM Sand Washing System mainly comprises a vibrating screening device, a swirl sieving device and a pressure filtering device, the vibrating screening device and the swirl sieving device are connected, the swirling sifting device and the filtering device are connected with Stack or connect with a conveyor.

TBM sand washing system
TBM sand washing system

TBM Sand Washing System can be different according to the size of different particle separation treatment, make full use of excavation of soil in the favorable particles, improve the system’s self-pulp capacity, and the separation of water into the mud system for recycling, Different terrain situation flexible adjustment, construction and operation to reduce the shield sand washing system to cover a large area of ​​the plagued, to avoid the mud on the environment pollution.

Modern TBM Sand Washing System in the design of more emphasis on environmental protection, from the pulp, pulp, separation equipment selection and waste emissions and other aspects of more prominent environmental philosophy.

According to the previous construction experience at home and abroad to scientific and technological innovation as the standard, by adding mud removal device configuration standards to improve the current domestic separation of the lower level of the situation, so that the separation of particles to about 15 microns higher than the domestic standard, greatly reducing the slurry Preparation, reducing the cost of the project. Truly re-use of waste pulp to improve the progress of construction.

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Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System of Kosun

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System through muddy water pressure balance model not only can effectively use the mud to stabilize the excavation surface strata, but also prevent the collapse at the same time, through the mud wall formed by the effective prevention of gushing water, and through the simultaneous grouting can be very Good control of the surface subsidence and to avoid the occurrence of segment leakage, which can ensure that the ground environment, ground buildings from the impact of tunnel construction.

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System on the shield of environmental protection in the construction of mud treatment has a very important role.

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System
Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System

On hard grounds or rocky grounds two types of TBMs are used. Open type TBMs or Shielded tunnel boring machine separator. Excavation of hard rock is carried out by disc cutter fitted in cutter head of TBMs.

These generate compressive stress that leads to crackers or fractures in the earth. This excavated earth or rock is called muck, which is passed through holes between the cutter head to the conveyor belt and then is exited out of the machine.

Open type tunnel boring machine separator do not have any shield, thus the area behind the head depends on rock for support. Gripper system helps the machine to advance forward. But not every machine can move continuously with the help of gripper like the Wirth machine, in such cases the machine moves ahead with help of thrust gained against grippers.

Open type tunnel boring machine separator do not excrete cement segment behind them like other machines. The tunnel rock is supported by rings beams, shot rete, steel straps, rock bolts, ring steel, etc.
In cases where rocks are prone to fracture shielded hard rock tunnel boring machine separator are used.

These unlike open type excrete concrete segments which support the fractured unstable parts of the tunnel. There are two modes in double shield tunnel boring machine separator.

These use the tunnel walls for grip in stable conditions to move ahead. In fractured rock cases, the thrust of the gripper is used to move forward. This prevents the thrust forces damaging the already fragile walls of the tunnel.

Same method is followed by single shield tunnel boring machine separator but can be useful only in fractured ground cases because the move ahead only after being pushed by the segments of concrete excreted behind in the tunnel.

Pipe Jacking Machines Separation Units by Kosun

Pipe jacking machines separation units

Pipe jacking machines separation units by Kosun treat water before it goes to drains and to the environment. Though lots of efforts are taken to establish more plants, even more are needed. Water is our renewable resource but is slowly being squandered. Pipe jacking machines separation units is one way to recycle waste water.

pipe jacking machines separation units
pipe jacking machines separation units

People have now started to raise voice to oil companies about waste water and fracking. Even the rules have changed, in terms of effects on this slurry on environment. Thus pipe jacking machines separation units is must to have with oil and construction companies, other options like Mixing and Grouting Plantsmine tailings treatment stations also needed.

It requires huge efforts in this area and very much needed to happen and fast.In some instances, Water Recycling has become relatively so easy that with just takes a filtration system to take out solids from the wastewater. One model is in the automotive industry, to clean the model shells, a paint-shop wash-water isused and the vast majority of this waste water was of relatively consumable quality. With minimal filtration treatment can be reused.

Like Scandinavia, great technology leaps are needed to make to recycle waste water and convert them resource to create energy. We need to lesson from Sweden who ran out of waste and is now in need to import waste to create energy. They dump less than 1 % of waste and their water filtration techniques is so advanced that water can also be potable. This has set a great example or a model for us to step to innovation in an environmental capacity. And Sweden isn’t in different era than rest of other.

The recycling (by Pipe jacking machines separation plants) of the slurry has now become a great option in a way to eradicate scarcity of water. We are on down slide of the slope in water conservation with great developments and increasing populations. Considering these facts, with some open mindedness, innovative thinking and waste water treatment methods we can contribute to make some needed changes in the world.

Mine Tailings Treatment units List by Kosun

Mine tailings treatment units

Mine tailings treatment units, (or mine tailings treatment plants, mine tailings treatment stations) help mine owners manage the tailings of the mine and broaden the wastes usage, lower the fees of unused staff and finally contribute to our environment protection work.

mine tailings treatment units
mine tailings treatment units of Kosun

After editor browse the web, we conclude the following sites with a form of mine tailings treatment plants list here.

1, Evoqua. A water treatment company with worldwide branches like offices in Australia, Canada, and etc. And the mine tailings treatment is just one sub brand service of them, and they said eighty-five percent of the U.S. population (and most of the U.S. industrial base) is located less than a 2-hour drive from an Evoqua Water Technologies service branch.

2, Golder. A Canada started group which founded in 1960, with over 180 offices on six continents. Mainly doing services about ground engineering. And they offer design, build, operate, and close mine waste management facilities in recent website notes.

3, SRK. Founded in 1974, and it can be found at their site that now employs more than 1,400 professionals internationally in over 45 offices on 6 continents. They offers services from exploration through feasibility, mine planning, and production to mine closure. If you are interested in consulting , maybe they would be your helper. and mine tailings treatment can be ground in tailings and mine waste engineering solution.

4, Jones & Wagener. Founded in 1966, its a south Africa based company, which have confident in structural and geotechnical engineering consulting. They considering aspects from planning and design through to construction, operation, closure and rehabilitation when dealing with cases related with mine tailings treatment service. They can give good suggestions although are not mine tailings treatment plants.

5, Kosun. Founded in 1992, its a China based group, mainly doing manufacturing and solution providing services, with oilfield drilling mud recycling, slurry separation units, and slurry waste management in many industries like infrastructure, mine tailings treatment and etc. Good quality and competitive price is their best part.

May the list would helpful to anyone who interested with the treatment of mine tailings.

Slurry Wall Separation Unit by Slurry Separation Plants – Kosun

Slurry wall separation unit

Slurry wall separation unit (or diaphragm wall separation unit) are being used in underground wall construction (off course, the Slurry wall separation unit (or diaphragm wall separation unit) being placed above the ground), and the main function is to recycling the slurry (mud) and removing the solids from the slurry as well using in work.

diaphragm wall separation unit

Many product in slurry wall separation unit can burns on skin due to their low temperatures. Exposed body part can be torn as it has ability to stick to cold stuffs due to availability of moisture. These liquids can also cause
– Hypothermia or Frostbite
– Serious respiratory problems like pneumonia if cold gas is inhaled
– Reduced vision

slurry wall separation unit
slurry wall separation unit

Hazards from oxygen in diaphragm wall separation unit of Slurry Separation plants.
Oxygen is not a combustible gas but it helps flames to keep on going. Also hydrocarbon materials of lubrication oils react vigorously with oxygen and it should be avoided in all cases. Oxygen concentration should be kept below 23.5%.

Slurry Separation plants

Gas products occur need slurry separation plants.
Oxygen is most required for life support. When enough quantity of argon and nitrogen is present in environment it can lead to depletion of oxygen. Increase in hydrocarbon can also lead to symptoms like nausea or dizziness. In such cases one should come or brought out immediately. With time body returns to normal state once out of these conditions.
Protected clothing helps in protection of body from fire hazards or oxygen or cryogenic liquids.
– Leathers gloves should be used as their fitting is loose and can be easily removed in case of burns.
– Face shield to cover the face should be used.
– Footwear should be devoid of metals or nails as they can cause sparkling.
– In cases of trapped vapors, clothing should be opened and closed immediately

In slurry separation plants, like Kosun from China, the different parameters been collected in real spots and researched in labs, and finally give the corresponding solutions for remove the solids in constructions, like slurry wall separation or diaphragm wall separation.