Bentonite Mud Recycling/ Recycle Equipment

Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment are designed to start off with clean fluid and have dirty fluid introduced into the system at a reasonable rate, determined by the capacity of the unit and size of the drill. Many contractors try to have one recycling system set up in a central location and haul drill spoils to the unit from various locations to be cleaned and re-conditioned. If an empty recycling system is filled with drill spoils (dirty drilling fluid) it will not perform well and take a lot longer to get the desired results.

When operating a Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment, always maintain proper tank levels and do not let the fluid level go down below half in the dirty compartment before introducing more drill spoils into the system. It is best to try to balance the flow of the spoils pump for a constant feed into the system, or at least operate the dirty/scalping compartment tank between full to half. Letting the dirty/spoils compartment go down to almost empty can temporarily overload the system with solids and the overall end-result is more solids going back to the drill’s reciprocating pump, leading to shorter pump life.

A Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment is also a mixing system, and includes a centrifugal mixing pump, mixing hopper and mixing jets located on the bottom of the tanks/compartments to keep the drilling fluid agitated. As clean drilling fluid is returned to the drill via a centrifugal charge pump during drilling operations, drilling fluids return from the entry and/or exit pit are picked up via a trash pump and discharged over a scalping shaker that makes the initial coarse cut, removing large drill solids that can either settle to the bottom of the tanks or cause plugging problems with hydrocyclones.

Bentonite Mud Recycling Equipment should be sized to handle at least one and a half times the maximum pumping rate of a drill’s circulating system in order to maintain a clean drilling fluid and to minimize wear on the rigs drilling fluids circulating equipment (especially the reciprocating pump). When in operation, drilling fluid from the clean compartment should cascade back into previous compartments (lower bypass gates should always be closed during recycling).

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