Precautions for operation of mud solids control equipment system

For the operation of the mud solids control system, the mud solids control equipment must be thoroughly and carefully inspected before drilling. Among them, great attention should be paid to the equipment of the drilling fluid shale shaker. The specifications of the screen should be as complete as possible, and multi-standard sieves should be used. The net can reduce the burden of the subsequent solid control equipment and improve the efficiency of solid control.

mud solids control equipment
mud solids control equipment

At the same time, pay attention to all kinds of manifolds. The gate and the main body of the mud solids control equipment must be disassembled for inspection and maintenance. The sand pump is all unloaded until the blades are exposed. Reinstallation and pressure test can be performed after confirming that there is no blockage or damage in each link to ensure that the solids control equipment is at its best In good condition; all kinds of reagents, balances, supply tanks and other corresponding equipments and instruments for mud testing and analysis should be available. After drilling, the solids control equipment must be operated continuously regardless of whether it is drilled or not to ensure that harmful solid phases are removed to the greatest extent. The solid content of the mud does not change during the drilling process, and the performance of the mud will not deteriorate without chemical pollution. The low solid content is beneficial to protecting oil and gas reservoirs, increasing the ROP, reducing mud costs and even drilling costs.

After the completion of the well, all the mud solids control equipment shall be completely disassembled and cleaned, and the key parts shall be coated with oil for protection; each solids control equipment shall be sealed up after installation of spray paint.

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