Application of Solid Control Technology in Oil Drilling, HDD Crossing, and Geothermal Drilling Engineering

Solids control is a technique used on a drilling rig to separate the solids produced by crushed drill bits and other debris from drilling fluids or mud. Solid control equipment can be used in oil exploitation, horizontal directional crossing engineering, geothermal drilling engineering, and so on. The performance and quality of drilling fluid solid control equipment is the key to solid control technology. The drilling fluid solid control system mainly includes three parts: a drilling fluid circulation tank, drilling fluid purification equipment, and electrical control equipment. Among them, drilling fluid purification equipment mainly includes a shale shaker, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, centrifuge, sand pump, agitator and blender, etc., and can also be equipped with drilling chip recovery and waste liquid treatment devices for environmentally sensitive areas.

Solid control equipment focuses on the development of sand, mud, and vacuum degasser equipment with a small footprint, high efficiency, and long life, and is integrated with high-speed centrifuges to achieve automatic detection and control according to test results.

The solid control system consists of four shale shakers and two vertical cutting dryers (i.e. dry shakers), the four shale shakers and vertical cutting dryers are connected in parallel, and the drilling fluid returned from the well is distributed by the drilling fluid distributor to the four shakers and dryers for processing, and the solid particles separated by them are processed by the other. The dryer is treated to further dehydrate the particles. The leached liquid is recovered and the dried particles are expelled, and the dryer is actually a fine-mesh shale screen with a screen tilt of 10° to reduce liquid loss.

In recent years, the theoretical research and manufacturing process level of drilling fluid solid control equipment has been greatly developed, especially in the theoretical research of the working principle of the shale shaker and the working principle of the cyclone separator, which has reached or close to a very high level. There is a certain gap between the performance and life of solid phase control equipment and foreign solid phase control equipment, mainly in terms of materials, processing technology, processing accuracy, and the quality of general equipment (such as motors).

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