Slurry tbm treatment plant by Kosun performing good

Slurry tbm treatment plant

Slurry tbm treatment plant – Kosun has made the 24 years in site research and customizing work, and the new tbm slurry treatment have emerging the new needs in recent years.

Tunnel boring machines have circulating cutter head at starting point and a league of trailers following which contains all electrical and mechanical equipment required during the process. It removes the excavated earth with the help of its rotating head that is the cutting end and a conveyer belt.

slurry tbm treatment plant
slurry tbm treatment plant

Hydrauliccylinder presses the cutting end of the slurry tbm treatment plant against the tunnel. These hydraulic braces also keeps the machine stabilized. Cutting wheel is fitted with scrapping and disc cutting tools. These loosen the earth and the transportation of this loosened earth out of the tunnel is carried out by screw conveyer; this helps in backward moment of the earth in tbm separation units and later out by a conveyer belt.

Pressure sensors are installed in tunnel face and they keep check on power of cutter wheel and conveyor also keeping in check with earth that is thrown out. These slurry tbm treatment plant carry concrete rings so when the machine has moved ahead a certain distance next concrete ring is installed.

This installation is carried out with the help of hydraulic rams. Designing of concrete tunnel lining is carried out of carefully as they have to last many years.

Slurry tbm treatment plant is kept in check with the help of an in build system i.e. laser system. This layer guidance helps to keep check that the machine remains on planned tract.On an average, 50-60 feet per day is excavated by slurry tbm treatment plant.

Behind these are backup mechanism called back-up system. These include conveyors, systems to remove earth, ventilation and transport mechanism, slurry pipeline and control rooms.