KOSUN desilter is used in solid phase control system of drilling fluid.

The desilter is mainly composed of shale shaker, shunt manifold, hydrocyclone, etc. The desilter is used in solid phase control system of drilling fluid.

Desilter is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation, the drilling fluid separation medium through sand pump produce certain pressure and velocity, along the spiral into the cyclone wall, coarser particles under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the hydrocyclone wall spiral sink, discharge from the bottom orifice, falls below breakdown vibrating screen separation, the rest of the medium has risen in a spiral along the hydrocyclone.

Installation and debugging:

1. The desilter cleaner shall be installed after the desilter cleaner, i.e. the end of the second tank, and the base shall be placed smoothly;

2. Soft pipeline is used to connect the inlet and outlet of the desilter with other equipment, and the length and bend are reduced as much as possible;

3. The tension of the sieve mesh should be appropriate, the tension of the sieve mesh should be flat without wrinkles.

Maintenance of the desilter:

1. The lock bolts of the sieve box must be removed before the first use of the newly purchased desilter cleaner or the first use after the move;

2. When the hydrocyclone is out of use for a long time, clean it with clean water to prevent the accumulation of dry sand in the hydrocyclone;

3. The vibration motor is injected with grease once every 1500-2500 hours, and the oil injection amount of each bearing is 5-10ml;

4. After stopping the machine, the screen should be cleaned, so as to avoid dry sand, which cannot be used next time.

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