Xi’an KOSUN trenchless construction mud recovery system project case

KOSUN trenchless construction mud recovery system is designed and produced to meet the requirements of non-excavation technology and is used to purify and treat the mud returned from underground during the process of horizontal directional drilling. Large-sized drill cuttings are separated using solid-phase control equipment such as mud vibrating screens and mud desander to remove sand and debris. The necessary mud materials are added through a jet mixing device and stirred to achieve uniform circulation, meeting the performance requirements for reuse. The mud is then pumped into the horizontal directional drilling system for repeated recycling. The trenchless construction mud recovery system produced by KOSUN can significantly improve mud processing efficiency, reduce the cost of mud for horizontal directional drilling, and greatly increase drilling speed.

construction mud recovery system

Features of KOSUN’s trenchless construction mud recovery system:

A, Reasonable structure, good processability, and wide application.
Multi-functional integrated design to meet the functions of mud cleaning, recycling, reuse, mud configuration, and storage.

B, The electrical system is explosion-proof, dust-proof, and rain-proof, ensuring construction quality.

C, The tank body has a simple and compact structure, light weight, and detachable walkways and guardrails for easy transportation and installation.

D, KOSUN Solids Control has obtained API and ISO certification from the American Petroleum Institute, as well as ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 environmental system certifications, meeting export standards for all regions worldwide.

Xi’an KOSUN Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is an integrated manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment and trade. In addition to producing trenchless construction mud recovery system, the company also manufactures various other mud recycling and purification systems, such as drilling mud solid control systems for oil and natural gas, pile mud purification systems, subway shield mud recycling systems, river dredging mud recycling systems, and coalbed methane mud purification systems, with many successful cases.

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