TBM Sand Washing System of Kosun

TBM Sand Washing System

TBM Sand Washing System is an indispensable supporting facilities in modern shield construction. Shield construction is the use of shield tunneling machine in the railway, highway, subway, municipal, water and other pipe tunnel excavation construction, with the shield The improvement of the technology, the shield construction workers TBM Sand Washing System equipment selection, technology and other aspects of the higher requirements.

TBM Sand Washing System mainly comprises a vibrating screening device, a swirl sieving device and a pressure filtering device, the vibrating screening device and the swirl sieving device are connected, the swirling sifting device and the filtering device are connected with Stack or connect with a conveyor.

TBM sand washing system
TBM sand washing system

TBM Sand Washing System can be different according to the size of different particle separation treatment, make full use of excavation of soil in the favorable particles, improve the system’s self-pulp capacity, and the separation of water into the mud system for recycling, Different terrain situation flexible adjustment, construction and operation to reduce the shield sand washing system to cover a large area of ​​the plagued, to avoid the mud on the environment pollution.

Modern TBM Sand Washing System in the design of more emphasis on environmental protection, from the pulp, pulp, separation equipment selection and waste emissions and other aspects of more prominent environmental philosophy.

According to the previous construction experience at home and abroad to scientific and technological innovation as the standard, by adding mud removal device configuration standards to improve the current domestic separation of the lower level of the situation, so that the separation of particles to about 15 microns higher than the domestic standard, greatly reducing the slurry Preparation, reducing the cost of the project. Truly re-use of waste pulp to improve the progress of construction.

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