TBM Slurry Treatment Plant

All advantages of KOSUN TBM Slurry Treatment Plant at a glance:

(1) Simple and useful treatment process, as well as convenient installation, operation and maintenance;

(2) Modular and integrated design, transportation and installation subject to standard container size, foldable operating platform, compact structure, small footprint and flexible field use;

(3) Adjustable G-force of shale shaker, screen panel angle and mesh size, strong overall system adaptability and easier treatment of materials from various formations;

(4) Meet separation requirements on various materials and customize process as per the cut point of D 50 ; meet the requirements on different handling capacities, 100~3000m³/h;

(5) Meet various power specifications as per construction needs, and even generator set can be used for operation;

(6) The whole system is skid-mounted integrated system and can be also changed into vehicle-mounted mobile treatment units.

Around the world, requirements for tunnelling and other separation projects are continuously increasing. With over 28 years of experience, KOSUN offers TBM Slurry Treatment Plant to provide solutions for customized project needs. A versatile TBM Slurry Treatment Plant is the basis for a successful operation of slurry-supported tunnel boring machines such as AVN and Variable Density Machines, Mixshields as well as Vertical Shaft Sinking Machines.

TBM Slurry Treatment Plant
TBM Slurry Treatment Plant

KOSUN TBM Slurry Treatment Plant are optimally adapted to the requirements of the tunnelling process. They separate the slurry suspension continually from the loaded solid particles in the slurry circuit. A powerful and efficient combination of state-of-the-art screening technology and hydro-vacuum cyclones with high g-forces and low cut points results in depositable excavated material with low water content. The lower the water content and thus the weight of the excavated material, the lower the costs for disposal and recycling. Very fine particles that remain in the suspension have a significant impact on parameters such as excavation speed and daily advance rate. Additional equipment and fine treatment devices like filter presses and centrifuges are necessary to keep the suspension from thickening and the TBM performance high.

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Slurry Treatment Plants of Kosun

Slurry Treatment Plants

Slurry Treatment Plants are more important equipment for matching micro-tunnel boring machines. It consists of cyclone separation equipment and centrifugal equipment. The cyclone separation equipment consists of a cyclone and desalting machine.

Slurry treatment plants
Slurry treatment plants

Slurry Treatment Plants of Kosun
Slurry Treatment Plants

Mud treatment of the production process

First, the first stage separation is performed by the drilling fluid shale oscillator; the separated particles will be precisely treated by the hydrocyclone into particles of different sizes.

Second, the pressure of the mud through the pipeline into the cyclone high-speed system, and in the hydrocyclone on the inner wall of the rotary motion. The coarse particles are thrown onto the walls and gradually move down by gravity and discharged from the bottom. Due to the slow movement, the fine particles are driven from the center and discharged from the overflow pipe.

Thirdly, the particle size of the slurry after treatment with the cyclone system is very small. So we need to add flocculants to the mud. Flocculants and fine particles aggregate larger particles. And then pumped to the centrifuge. Centrifuges are an important part of ensuring that all water is separated into dry soils. A portion of the bentonite treated by the cyclone system can be discharged from the slurry pool. Mixed will continue to use, save construction costs. The separated solid particles can be transported directly. Separation of high purity water can be used to adjust the new mud or directly into the municipal rainwater system

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