Application of Petroleum Water-Based Drilling Mud Purification System

The petroleum water-based mud drilling waste treatment system is widely used in the field of oil and gas drilling and workover. It is mainly to separate the solid and liquid in the drilling, so that the drilling can be recycled, also called the drilling mud purification system.

Oily sludge is oily solid waste produced in the process of oil extraction, transportation, refining and oily sewage treatment. Oily sludge contains a lot of benzene series, toxic substances, etc. If oily sludge is not treated, it will not only pollute the environment, but also cause waste of resources.

KOSUN petroleum water-based mud drilling mud purification system can recycle waste drilling fluid waste, reduce treatment costs, recover useful mud and water, realize resource utilization, avoid environmental pollution by waste, and comply with regulations Environmental discharge requirements for waste.

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