Mine Tailings Treatment by Kosun Manufacturer

Mine Tailings Treatment

Mine tailings treatment is based on the size of tailings, graded treatment, graded use, that is, the hydrocyclone graded coarse sand (about 40%) filling the underground goaf and tail sand filling filling column, efficient centrifugation Filter filter, the dry sand stacked in the vicinity of the plant on the hillside, and the cover soil.

In the sedimentation tank, sewage treatment tank for secondary sewage treatment of 70 ~ 80% of the tailings water back to the plant re-use. The invention uses the small overflow dam of the sedimentation tank and the sewage treatment tank instead of the traditional tailings dam.

mine tailings treatment
mine tailings treatment

Tailings are the least valuable part of the target component in the beneficiation operation and are no longer suitable for sorting under current economic conditions. With the socio-economic and sorting technology development, tailings in the useful components can also be further recycling. While the other components in the tailings are not completely useless waste, according to its nature and composition can be comprehensive utilization, to achieve non-waste emissions, which is the full use of resources and environmental protection common requirements.

Tailings are misplaced resources, and their harmfulness is caused by improper handling. The hazards of tailings are mainly reflected in the harmfulness of elements and the harm of solid waste. The harmfulness of the elements is the flotation agent ions and other ions in the tailings. With the flow of water and air into the surrounding environment, it causes serious environmental pollution The tailings are the main components of industrial solid waste, and the accumulation of tailings is caused by the accumulation of land, vegetation destruction, land degradation, desertification and dust pollution, water pollution and so on.

From the protection of the environment and the full use of resources from the point of view, people put forward tailings, no tail emissions and other requirements. Now the overall idea of ​​tailings comprehensive utilization is:
1. In the tailings comprehensive physical and chemical analysis, based on the re-election of the use of the value of the tailings re-election;
2. After the re-election after the tailings for simple processing As a building material or the use of tailings filled with mined areas;
3. The tailings for finishing, the production of high value-added building decoration materials; 4. Temporary can not use the tailings as ecological restoration materials for ecological restoration and reconstruction.