KOSUN vibration screen’s preparation before installation and daily maintenance

KOSUN vibration screen, divided into two types: elliptical motion shale shaker and linear motion shale shaker.

KOSUN elliptical motion shale shaker‘s elliptical movement, is a multi-layer number, efficient new type of shale shaker. Screening specifications, with a reliable structure, strong vibration force, high screening efficiency, small vibration noise, rugged, easy maintenance, safe use and other characteristics, this type of vibration screen is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry, coal, metallurgy and other industries product classification. Strong processing capacity, high screening efficiency, reasonable technical parameters, high strength and stiffness of the mechanism, reliable operation, low noise, easy maintenance and other characteristics.

Preparation of the elliptical motion shale shaker before installation:

1. Check whether the motor label conforms to requirements;

2. Check the fasteners of the motor to prevent loosening;

3. Check whether the motor surface is damaged or deformed;

4. Check whether the rotation is flexible; if there is any abnormality, it should be excluded;

5. Check the power supply for lack of phase and run for 5 minutes without load.

Daily maintenance of theelliptical motion shale shaker:

1. Before starting: check whether the coarse mesh and fine mesh are damaged; Whether each group of beam rings is locked.

2. During starting: pay attention to whether there is any abnormal noise; Whether the current is stable; The vibrations are indistinguishable

3. After use: clean up immediately after each use.

4. Regular maintenance: check the fatigue and damage of coarse mesh, fine mesh and spring regularly, and check whether all parts of the shale shaker are damaged due to vibration. Lubricating oil must be added to the parts that need lubricating oil.

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