The main advantages of the slurry separation equipment of the bored pile

The main advantages of the slurry separation equipment of the bored pile:

1. Purify the mud, effectively control the performance index of the mud, sticking accidents, and make holes.

2. Realize mud recycling and save slurry-making materials. Significantly waste pulp outbound costs and pulp making costs.

3. The equipment effectively separates the soil and slag, and the efficiency of hole making.

4. The closed loop purification of mud and the influence of lower slag water content.

5. The double-layer screen is adopted, and the purification effect is nearly 50% higher than that of the single-layer screen. The operation is convenient, simple and reliable.

6. The processing efficiency is high. The higher the mud concentration, the shorter the single machine mud output time, which can be 15-30 minutes faster.

The mud purification device is suitable for pile foundation engineering (including rotary drilling, percussion drilling, etc.) using mud wall protection and circulating drilling technology, anti-seepage wall engineering (ground wall, double-wheel milling), mud-water balance shield construction and mud water Mud purification and recovery for pipe jacking construction. The reuse rate of waste mud avoids the random discharge of mud, helping customers with construction costs and environmentally friendly construction.

The slurry separation equipment for bored pile is mainly suitable for bridge pile foundations such as railways and highways, municipalities, subways, etc., continuous walls, shields, drilling rigs, pile drivers, oil drilling, construction piling mud separation and dewatering, stone mud dewatering, drilling mud dewatering, Tailings treatment, sand field mud, cave mud, mine mud treatment and other mud separation, etc.

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