TBM Slurry Separation System for Sale

TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM Slurry Separation System is the new pulp and adjust the pulp through the pump and pipeline to the shield excavation surface. Cutter cut down the dry soil and water to be mixed into the mud, through the pump and pipe will be mud to the ground to the ground shield water separation system to adjust.

TBM mud system is mainly composed of pump piping and supporting parts and so on, through the shield mud separation system mud water monitoring system for automated operation.

TBM Slurry Separation System
TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM Slurry Separation System can provide excavation mud for excavation construction in a timely manner to the excavation surface. The technical index of mud with high quality bentonite must meet the requirements of forming mud and stable excavation in high permeable sand Claim.

In addition, the TBM Slurry System can promptly cut the sand formed by cutting the soil to the ground for separation and treatment, and then adjust the use of recycled mud.

TBM Slurry Separation System is to cut down the soil sand formed mud, through the fluid output. Separated by sand and water, and finally the sand will be abandoned to recover the mud pump into the adjustment tank processing system.

According to different classification TBM mud treatment system shield excavation method can be divided into: open, mechanical cutting, grid, TBM MUD separation equipment and extrusion and so on. In order to reduce the formation of shield construction disturbances, HDD / CBM / TBM drilling mud recovery system can be through the jack shield to cut through the soil, and then in the incision excavation and transportation.

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