TBM Slurry Separation System Application of Kosun

TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM slurry separation system are used in different purposes like roads, railways metros, sewage, etc. These applications can be classified broadly based on their uses as –
– Traffic Tunneling
– Utility Tunneling
– Mining
Traffic tunneling –
With growing population they is also a need of new traffic control system. Many infrastructure companies have made new tunnels of hundreds of kilometers using tunnel boring machine separations.

TBM Slurry Separation System for sale
TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM slurry separation system with wide range of diameters and different types are efficient to tunnels in all ground conditions.
– Earth pressure balance shield TBM slurry system can be used for road tunnels.
– Trans regional transportation via trains under river or within mountains can be done using tunnel boring machine separations
– Fast and alternative to railway communication, metro tunnels can be made by innovative tunnel boring machine separations
Utility Tunneling –
As the development of the cities is taking places, less space availability is common issue faced. To solve this governments have started using underground tunnels for transportation of oil and gas pipelines, telephone lines, sewage and water system.
– Water and sewage system- efficient sustainable and within budget tunnels can be prepared by tunnel boring machine separations
– Hydropower – construction of small and large hydropower plants require shaft construction and tunnel boring machine separations. These provide efficient infrastructure.
– Transportation of oil/gas underground- underground tunnels can be used to transport oil and gas cost effectively, quickly and safely.
Mining –
Underground mining conditions have now changed with tunnel boring machine separations. They are used in mining for constructions of inclined excavating shafts and vertical sinking shafts, transport tunnels, production shaft or transport access, etc. These offer safety of worker and also time of construction is significantly reduced. Thus the overall cost of the project is minimized along with its time scale to be finished it.

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