Application Scope of Tunnel Mud Purification Equipment

Tunnel mud purification equipment has a wide range of applications, including mud purification projects in the fields of underground tunnel shields, bridge pile foundations, sand washing recycling, river dredging, and trenchless engineering, Tunnel mud purification equipment can help reduce mud discharge and sticking phenomenon, it is an essential equipment for environmental protection foundation construction.

The tunnel mud purification equipment is mainly divided into two parts: mud separation system and cyclone separation system. The equipment is mainly composed of coarse shale shaker module, desanding and desliming module and slurry pump equipment. The mud separation system generally uses coarse mud shale shaker equipment for effective treatment, and the coarser solid phase particles are preliminarily separated. The cyclone separation system is mainly completed by the de-sanding and desilting cyclone treatment equipment.

Features of tunnel mud purification equipment:

1) The mud processing capacity is large, and the purification and sand removal efficiency is high.

2) The shale shaker equipment has a long service life, a low failure rate, and is easy to install and maintain.

3) The screen angle, mesh size and exciting force of the shale shaker can not only be adjusted flexibly, but also can achieve good screening effect on various bottom layers.

4) Centrifugal slurry pump equipment has a high degree of generalization and good corrosion resistance, and is suitable for long-term transportation of slurry with strong grinding, corrosion and high concentration.

5) The modern cyclone has a reasonable structure, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, convenient operation, high economical practicability, and can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

6) A control valve is provided between the main inlet pipe and the liquid outlet pipe of the desander and the desilter, and the cyclone is provided with an automatic sand prevention and plugging device and an underflow port adjustment device.

The tunnel mud purification equipment designed by KOSUN has a large processing capacity, which can effectively reduce the cost of mud treatment and greatly reduce the output of waste slurry. It is a truly ideal modernization device for environmental protection construction.

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