Microtunnelling Slurry System for Sale all Over the World

Microtunnelling Slurry System

Microtunnel Boring Machines (MTBM) Install gravity flow pipes that require accurate lines and slopes in poor soils. Microtunnel is a process that uses a remote control pipe. 

Microtunnel is developed by the Japanese in 1970s and are launched in the US medium term in 1980s. The Akkerman launched the first mud microtube system the year in 1995. Currently thousands of microchannel systems exist in the world.

Microtunnelling Slurry System
Microtunnelling Slurry System

Microtunnelling projects are usually in the city. In this case, the mud system that matches the micro-tunnel is required to be compact and has a very small recirculation slurry system of different capacities. This mud system is often referred to as a “TBM slurry separation system“.

Helicopter direct installation of underground pipeline products and slope tolerance. Standard center drive and face access, peripheral device driver MTBM size is 30-114 inches. (762-2896 mm) OD range.

Soil excavation is carried out by injecting soil into the surface of the hole and the chips are forced into the slurry inlet hole of the MTBM crushing cone to circulate through the closed system to the separation device.

The complete slurry microtube system consists of a pipe-specific MTBM, a control vessel, a steering system program, a remote hydraulic power module, a keyhole crane frame, a series of pumps, a laser, a water cooling tank, a slurry trunk and additional piping, Material separation plant.

The launch shaft is fitted with a pit seal to prevent shaft drive and project-specific thrust block distribution from gravity. The micro-tunnel operation is managed by an operator in a ground control container located next to the shaft.

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Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry System of Kosun on Soft Ground

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry  System

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry  System of Kosun with more than 20 years experience.
Three main types of tunnel boring machine separators are used in soft ground excavations-
–    Slurry shield TBMs
–    Earth pressure balance machine
–    Open – face type
In soft grounds with pressure less than 7bar, earth pressure balance machines are used. These along with cutting head also comprises tungsten carbide disc cutters, cutting bits and hard disk cutters.

Machine derives its name from the fact that it balances the pressure in tunnel head by use of excavated earth. Rate of excavation and advances through Archimedes screw controls pressure in the cutterhead. Some additives like bentonite may have to be injected to increase the stability.

Kosun Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry System
Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry System

These are also added to make sure that the earth is sufficiently attached to the Archimedes screw thus marinating the pressure in the head and prevent seepage of water in the tunnel.

Slurry shield TMBs are used in cases where the ground is so granular in nature that it cannot form plug in Archimedes screw. The cutting head is feeded with slurry which in turn applies pressure. This even acts as transporting medium as it mixes with excavated earth and is being pumped out in slurry separation units usually located out of tunnel. In this separation unit slurry is processed so that it is recycled and can be used again. This filtration is a multi- staged process. However, filtration of slurry depends on the size of excavated particles.

Thus making this slurry shield tunnel boring machine separation units suit able for clays and silts sized particles as they are smaller than bentonite particle, which makes the slurry. In these instances separation with water can be done which will help form clay cake thus filtering the slurry in the end.

In grounds where the excavated tunnels can stand without support for a little period, open face TMBs can be used. These tunnel boring machine separators are generally used where strength is more than 10Mpa and seepage of water is low. Cross sections of sizes up to 10 meters can excavated with these TMBs.

Cutter head excavates within 150mm of the shield edge. This shield is moved forwards and cut the ground in same circular manner. Pre-casted concretes or graphite iron segments provide ground support. The key spreads the rings until it is tightly fitted against the tunnel made by tunnel boring machine separators shields. Open face TMBs comes in many variations.

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System of Kosun

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System is the role of the shield of sand formed by the formation of sludge for particle separation and treatment, and then the recovery of mud into the adjustment tank.

In general, in the shield of the mud separation system using shaker as a primary separation is more appropriate, the role of the vibrating screen is the pretreatment of mud, remove the ball and block and other coarse particles.

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System of Kosun
Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry Separation System of Kosun

TBM Slurry Separation System in Sweep Slurry Separation System. As long as the function is to refine the fine granules after further separation, the sludge particle size is reduced, and the TBM Mud system is generally treated with multi-stage cyclone.

The working principle of the cyclone in the shield mud-water separation system is based on the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the hydrodynamic force.

The cyclone pump causes the cyclone to generate negative pressure during the rotation, forcing the fine particles suspended in the cyclone. Through the centrifugal effect of a spiral rise, through the overflow was negative pressure extrusion, coarse particles in the slurry under the action of their own gravity into the underflow to the pulp tank.

TBM Slurry System in the different diameter and diameter ratio and different working pressure, will play a different treatment effect.

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Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry System Measure Performance

Tunnel Boring Machine Slurry System Measure Performance

Tunnel boring machine slurry system has a good effect on the mud produced in the shield construction. KD series TBM slurry system is the module system structure.

Tunnel boring machine slurry system is designed to handle the various muds used in common shield construction techniques.It is advisable to check and measure the performance of tunnel boring machine separations they are brought into use. These are important to know the penetrations and also the cutter cost.

Kosun Tunnel boring machine slurry system
Tunnel boring machine slurry system

It is also necessary to compare its economics with drilling and blasting technique.  Various factors contributes to the performance of tunnel boring machine separations –
–    Intact rock property like the tensile strength of the rock and uniaxial compressive strength.
–    Property of rock mass- in cases of foliated or bedded ground, direction of foliation guides the performance of tunnel boring machine separations.
–    Cutter geometry- cutter on the cutter head of the machine transmit the energy generated by the engine into the earth causing fragmentation. Thus it is important that the shape and angle of the cutter is adjusted so that adequate amount of energy is transferred and desirable penetration is attained in the ground.
–    Cutting geometry
–    Machine specifications
–    Voltage
–    Penetration and advancement rate
Performance of tunnel boring machine separation system can be calculated based on the voltage provided by the mine power distribution system. A basic computer load flow program is used to calculate the voltage.

Calculated voltage and measured voltages are then compared. Torque output is calculated with help this voltage input. Curve of speed horsepower versus current is drawn and compared to motor test data.

This results are then used to make adjustments in simplified motor model. With these information a torque verse distance curve can be made which will help to summarize the tunnel boring machine separations performance. By this way, the effects of the change in transformer taps, source of voltage, cable size and various other factors can be evaluated.

Penetration and advancement rates are essential to evaluate the performance of the TBM slurry separation system . Penetration rate is excavated distance during the excavation phase divided by the time. Advancement rate is the actual excavating distance to the total time which also accounts the total downtime of the machine maintenance, failure of the tunnel and machine breakdown.

TBM Slurry Separation System Development History

TBM Slurry Separation System Development History

TBM Slurry Separation System was built in the United States in 1853 for construction of Hoosac tunnel.

The first tunneling shield was successfully developed in 1825 by Sir Marc Isambard Brunel however, it was not opened till 1843.

From last two centuries development of TBM slurry separation system is carried out. However in past few decades some great developments are seen. Newer machines can now excavate in both conditions i.e. hard rock and wet soil.

TBM Slurry Separation System
TBM Slurry Separation System

These can also pass through a soil tunnel and a water filled fault zone under a river. TBMs having circulating cutter were patented. Other inventions included – metal tins with rotating drums, teeth embedded in circulating plate, metal teeth in revolving belts.

Few great tunneling work carried out with TBM Slurry Separation System over past few decades are mentioned below-

TBM slurry system were used to bore tunnels below the great Niagara Falls the diameter of this TBMs was 14.4meters. It was named “Big Becky” after Sir Adam Beck.

In 2013, Earth pressure balance TBMs was produced. It had a diameter of 17.45meters. It was also called “Bertha” prepared for highway 99 tunnel project in Seattle, Washington. Though due to dome mechanical error it was stalled in Dec,’13 but by Oct,’ 16, it had finished excavation of 5,085 feet of the 9,270 feet tunnel route planned at start.

Martina, it also known as world’s largest hard rock is of diameter 15.62m and total in length of 130m. It has thrust of 39,485 t and 4,500 ton in weight. Its area of excavation is around 2,070 sq ft. World’s largest slurry TMBs, was built for the Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok link situated in Hong Kong. It had a diameter of 17.6 meters.

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TBM Slurry Separation System for Sale

TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM Slurry Separation System is the new pulp and adjust the pulp through the pump and pipeline to the shield excavation surface. Cutter cut down the dry soil and water to be mixed into the mud, through the pump and pipe will be mud to the ground to the ground shield water separation system to adjust.

TBM mud system is mainly composed of pump piping and supporting parts and so on, through the shield mud separation system mud water monitoring system for automated operation.

TBM Slurry Separation System
TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM Slurry Separation System can provide excavation mud for excavation construction in a timely manner to the excavation surface. The technical index of mud with high quality bentonite must meet the requirements of forming mud and stable excavation in high permeable sand Claim.

In addition, the TBM Slurry System can promptly cut the sand formed by cutting the soil to the ground for separation and treatment, and then adjust the use of recycled mud.

TBM Slurry Separation System is to cut down the soil sand formed mud, through the fluid output. Separated by sand and water, and finally the sand will be abandoned to recover the mud pump into the adjustment tank processing system.

According to different classification TBM mud treatment system shield excavation method can be divided into: open, mechanical cutting, grid, TBM MUD separation equipment and extrusion and so on. In order to reduce the formation of shield construction disturbances, HDD / CBM / TBM drilling mud recovery system can be through the jack shield to cut through the soil, and then in the incision excavation and transportation.

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TBM Mud System of Kosun

TBM Mud system

TBM mud system has a good effect on the mud produced in the shield construction. TBM slurry separation system is the module system structure. The TBM mud system is designed to handle the various mud used in common shield construction techniques.

TBM mud system and drilling and blasting are being used for construction of tunnels. Drilling and blasting uses various explosives or gas pressure blasting for breaking the rock to be excavated. Before the practice of TBM system separation use drilling and blasting was the most economical ways to make tunnels through hard rocks. Even till date drilling is practiced in some places.

TBM Mud System
TBM Mud System

The decision as to which mechanism for making tunnel is to be used depends on the length of the tunnel. Cost of TBMs is high but due to their fast rate of penetration and less man power necessity, per meter cost in long tunnel is comparatively very less. Even the condition of ground has to be taken into consideration as to which mechanism is to be used.

Tunnel boring machine separation have several advantages over drilling and blasting as–
–    Excavation speed – Main advantage of TBMs is its speed. Their speed though depends on various factor is up to 100-150 meters per day in favorable conditions. In Norway these had reportedly excavated the rate of 300 meters in very extreme conditions.
–    Ventilation is better in the tunnels made
–    Its circular profile helps long term stability
–    Safety of workers is assured; at first within the tunnel boring machine separation and later by traditional support mechanisms
–    Improved working conditions for workers- highly mechanized tunnel boring machine separation help the worker thus less intensive work has to be performed by them.
–    Simplified disposal- as the cutting are of similar sizes, their disposal to the surface is much easier.

Due to this tunnel boring machine separation are cost effective and efficient in long drive tunnels with straight opening underground for workers. They cost one third of the cost of drilling and blasting and greatly decreased construction time.

TBM Slurry Separation System Application of Kosun

TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM slurry separation system are used in different purposes like roads, railways metros, sewage, etc. These applications can be classified broadly based on their uses as –
– Traffic Tunneling
– Utility Tunneling
– Mining
Traffic tunneling –
With growing population they is also a need of new traffic control system. Many infrastructure companies have made new tunnels of hundreds of kilometers using tunnel boring machine separations.

TBM Slurry Separation System for sale
TBM Slurry Separation System

TBM slurry separation system with wide range of diameters and different types are efficient to tunnels in all ground conditions.
– Earth pressure balance shield TBM slurry system can be used for road tunnels.
– Trans regional transportation via trains under river or within mountains can be done using tunnel boring machine separations
– Fast and alternative to railway communication, metro tunnels can be made by innovative tunnel boring machine separations
Utility Tunneling –
As the development of the cities is taking places, less space availability is common issue faced. To solve this governments have started using underground tunnels for transportation of oil and gas pipelines, telephone lines, sewage and water system.
– Water and sewage system- efficient sustainable and within budget tunnels can be prepared by tunnel boring machine separations
– Hydropower – construction of small and large hydropower plants require shaft construction and tunnel boring machine separations. These provide efficient infrastructure.
– Transportation of oil/gas underground- underground tunnels can be used to transport oil and gas cost effectively, quickly and safely.
Mining –
Underground mining conditions have now changed with tunnel boring machine separations. They are used in mining for constructions of inclined excavating shafts and vertical sinking shafts, transport tunnels, production shaft or transport access, etc. These offer safety of worker and also time of construction is significantly reduced. Thus the overall cost of the project is minimized along with its time scale to be finished it.

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