Subway mud management and separation process

Mentioned the subway mud management and separation equipment, we should first understand the classification of shield machine.

一, the classification of shield machine.

(1) According to if the excavation face is closed:

  1. Closed 2. Open

(2) according to the different principle of balanced excavation surface earth pressure and water pressure:

  1. Closed shield machine can be divided into:
  2. earth pressure type B. mud type
  3. Open shield machine is divided into:
  4. hand-digging B. semi-mechanical digging C. mechanical digging.

二, the subway Subway mud management and separation process:

Mud-water balance shield machine is a device for mud-water separation in the shield. The mud is used to resist the water pressure, and earth pressure on the excavation face to keep the stability of the excavation face, and control the deformation of the excavation face and the foundation settlement. The mud film is formed on the excavation face to keep the water pressure effectively acting on the excavation face.

mud management equipment
mud management equipment

The management and separation process of KOSUN KD Series mud management system:

(1) Separation of most solid stones and clods by primary screening;

(2) After the first stage is separated, most of the large particles above 3mm are separated, the separated mud flows to the slurry tank, and then is pumped by the mud pump to the secondary cyclone for separation;

(3) The accuracy of secondary separation is in the range of 70-74μm. After the secondary separation, the slurry is again pumped to a three-stage flow separator for separation.

(4) Three-stage cyclone separation accuracy is in the range of 20 ~ 25μm, three separate mud flow back to the pulp pool;

(5) After the waste slurry is subjected to pressure-dependent separation by a filter press as required, the mud particles larger than 5 μm in the slurry are almost completely separated, and then the precipitate is discharged to meet the emission requirements. Through these 5 steps the mud particles and water are separated.(Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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