The slurry separation system is an indispensable supporting facility in shield construction

The slurry separation system is an indispensable supporting facility in modern shield construction. Shield construction refers to the use of shield tunnel boring machines to excavate tunnels on railways, highways, subways, municipalities, water and electricity and other pipes. With the improvement of shield technology, the selection of equipment and technology of the slurry separation system in shield construction have put forward higher requirements.

slurry separation system
slurry separation system

The slurry separation system mainly includes a shale shaker, a cyclone screen device and a filter press device, the vibrating screen device and the cyclone screen device are connected, the cyclone screen device and the filter press device are connected, and the connection mode is stacked connection Or connect with conveying equipment. The KOSUN shield slurry separation system can perform different separation treatments according to different particle sizes, make full use of the favorable particles in the excavated soil, improve the self-making capacity of the system, and effectively realize the slurry separation system in the shield tunneling, and the separation latter water is re-injected into the muddy water system for circulation. The equipment can be flexibly adjusted according to different terrain conditions. The convenient construction operation reduces the trouble of the slurry separation system occupying a large area and reduces the pollution of the mud to the environment.

The modern slurry separation system pays more attention to environmental protection in design, and highlights the concept of environmental protection in various aspects such as pulping, slurry mixing, separation equipment selection, and waste discharge. KOSUN’s slurry separation system is built based on the previous construction experience at home and abroad and the high-standard rationalization suggestions put forward by customers. With scientific and technological innovation as the standard, the current situation of low separation level is improved by increasing the configuration standard of the desilting device, so that the separation particle size reaches about 15 microns, which greatly reduces the amount of slurry preparation and reduces engineering costs.

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