Shield muck treatment is an important environmental protection work in infrastructure projects

Shield muck treatment is a significant environmental protection work in construction projects. Shield muck refers to the accumulated soil material caused by the unstable excavation soil structure in large-scale construction projects such as railways, highways, and tunnels. It is a material that has been artificially transformed, and its characteristics determine its complexity. To deal with shield dregs, it is necessary to consider its environment, seek a reasonable and economical method, and pursue a low-cost method and an efficient process flow.

Basic principles of Shield muck treatment:

1. Respect for the natural environment: The treatment of shield excrement should be based on the premise of protecting the natural environment, that is, to avoid adverse effects on the ecological environment and reduce the discharge of pollutants;

2. Energy saving: energy consumption should be considered during the treatment of shield excrement, and energy-saving and water-saving equipment should be used;

3. Comprehensive utilization: During the treatment of shield excrement, attention should be paid to the recycling of resources, focusing on the treatment of useful components, such as ores, organic substances, etc.;

4. Pursue low cost: In the process of shield tunneling muck treatment, it is necessary to save as much as possible, adopt effective energy-saving and water-saving measures, and maintain the lowest treatment intensity and cost.

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