Research on High-efficiency Separation Technology of Shield Dregs

In urban subway construction, the shield method has become one of the main options for tunnel construction. The large amount of waste muck produced by shield tunneling has brought many challenges to the urban environment. The processes of dewatering, transportation, and landfilling of muck will have great adverse effects on the environment.(Separation Technology of Shield Dregs)

As a kind of urban mineral resources, muck will occupy a large amount of land resources for landfill disposal. If the reclaimed muck is used as synchronous grouting material, ecological brick material, roadbed filler, etc., it will effectively enhance the ecological and environmental protection function of subway construction. Carrying out the recovery and treatment of shield dregs, and using shield dregs as an urban mineral resource can greatly reduce the development of natural resources, protect the urban ecological environment, and have significant social, environmental and economic benefits. Shield excavated soil has been used as building materials and garden soil at home and abroad, and certain application results have been achieved.

At present, in the construction of subway shields at home and abroad, there is still a lot of room for the research on the efficient separation technology of shield dregs. The existing mechanical screening technology has relatively high cost. When tunneling in different strata, the particle size distribution of the generated muck is also different, and the use effect is not good. It is urgent to carry out research on the efficient screening technology of shield muck. The moisture content of shield muck soil is as high as 40%, and it is difficult to dehydrate. At present, there are two commonly used dehydration methods in construction: one is mechanical dehydration after adding an industrial agent to the mud; the other is natural drying. The former is costly and the latter is inefficient.

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