Pipe Jacking Machine Mud System of Kosun Manufacturer

Pipe Jacking Machine Mud System

Pipe Jacking Machine Mud System can be understood as a mud separation system for supporting the mud for the pipe jacking machine.  The mud produced in the construction of the pipe jacking is specially treated,

Pipe Jacking Machine Mud System is mainly composed of mud vibrating screen, desanding cyclone combination, demisting cyclone combination, gravel pump and electric control system.

In the pipe treatment of the pipe jacking, the pipe jacking system of the pipe jacking machine is responsible for the separation of the mud from the mud pipe during the tunneling process. Can greatly improve the site of mud water treatment efficiency and construction progress.

Pipe Jacking Machine Mud System
Pipe Jacking Machine Mud System

At present, there are many domestic manufacturers of mud separation system, but the actual application of the equipment is less, and Kosun  machinery as the leading domestic 25 years of rich experience in the production of well-known pipe jacking machine slurry separation system equipment manufacturers, pipe jacking mud system, mud treatment equipment R & D production is very mature, many mud separation system exported to foreign countries.

In the field of micro shield, pipe jacking construction, continuous wall construction, urban construction piling, river dredging, environmental protection and other fields, can produce different specifications of the amount of mud separation system equipment used to support different caliber miniature shield machine, pipe jacking machine , Rotary drilling rigs and so on.

In the pipe jacking pipe system production process, from the design R & D production test machine, and other links, close communication with customers, strict checks to ensure product quality; Kosun mechanical pipe jacking mud system equipment, people-oriented, user-friendly design, Pay attention to workers’ safe operation, system design escalators and other safety measures.

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Pipe Jacking Machine Slurry Separation System for Sale

Pipe Jacking Machine Slurry Separation System

Pipe Jacking Machine Slurry Separation System main function is to provide a pressure mud for the face of the pipe jacking pipe to establish the mud slurry, while the pipe cutting machine can be cut down from the continuous Constantly transported to the ground, and the separation of soil and mud treatment.

Pipe Jacking Machine Slurry System is an important part of pipe jacking construction. The pipe jacking construction is an underground pipe construction method developed after the construction of the shield. It does not require excavation of the surface layer and can cross roads, railways, rivers, ground buildings, underground structures and various underground pipelines. Pipe sprinkler mud system is an important part of pipe jacking construction.

Pipe Jacking Machine Slurry Separation System
Pipe Jacking Machine Slurry Separation System

Pipe jacking Construction tool tube or boring machine is lifted from the working well through the soil to the receiving shaft by means of thrust between the main cylinder and the inter-pipe interchanges. At the same time, it is followed by the tool tube or boring machine after the pipeline buried in the two wells, in order to achieve the construction of non-excavated underground pipeline construction methods.

The most prominent feature of pipe jacking construction is the adaptability problem. For different geological conditions, construction conditions and design requirements, the choice of the application of the pipe jacking with the need to match the appropriate pipe jacking pipe system How to correctly select the pipe jacking machine and supporting auxiliary equipment for the pipe jacking construction Is very critical.

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