KOSUN Oily Sludge Treatment System Sent to Kazakhstan

At the end of January 2022, a large oily sludge treatment system and related centralized control system designed and manufactured by KOSUN was completed, assembled and commissioned, and then packed in 14 train cars, which were loaded from China-Xi’an and successfully shipped to the project site in Aktau, Kazakhstan via the Eurasian railway line in 28 days.The production period of this system coincided with the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Xi’an, China, and the city was closed. All KOSUN employees eliminated various difficulties. With the strong support of the China Railway Xi’an Bureau and the assistance of various departments, a week before the Chinese Lunar New Year The entire system has been shipped.

Factory Workshop Production Scene

This system is ordered by an internationally renowned general contractor of environmental protection projects in Europe from our company through international bidding, and the final use location is in Aktau, Kazakhstan. Our company has undertaken a series of work such as technical design, manufacturing, inspection, transportation, and foreign technical support services for the project.

KOSUN designed and produced this set of oiled sludge treatment system which is applicable to the treatment of solid waste collection station containing oil, it is an oiled sludge treatment system with international advanced technology, the system has a treatment capacity of 60 tons/hour, mainly consisting of six modules such as pre-treatment skid, screening skid, centrifuge skid, loading/unloading conveying system, water treatment system and electrical control system. The main equipment included are: coarse analysis screen, high frequency vibrating screen, sand cleaner, mud cleaner, slurry pump, horizontal spiral centrifuge, water treatment system, automatic dosing device and PLC electrical control system, fully meeting the environmental protection treatment requirements of the customer site.

System arrives at the project site in Kazakhstan

KOSUN is a professional environmental protection equipment manufacturer integrating product development, production and sales. Among the various solid waste treatment products designed and produced by KOSUN, the oil sludge treatment system is mainly used in the energy production field, such as the drilling waste from oil drilling platforms in the oil development and refining process, the refining three mud and oil sludge treatment at the bottom of oil tanks in oil refineries and oil and gas storage and transportation stations, the system is specially designed to treat oil sludge with high viscosity and high oil content. After environmental protection treatment, it can achieve the goal of reducing, resourceizing and harmless disposal of solid waste and wastewater produced in the production process of energy industry, and realize the double harvest of economic benefits and environmental protection and emission reduction.

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