The subsea valve equipped in the mud tank is a vital equipment

The mud tank has been widely used and developed in the mud solids control system in oil drilling operations. The subsea valve equipped in the mud tank is a crucial equipment. The characteristics of several mud tank subsea valves are described below:

  1. Advantages and characteristics of mud subsea valve: applied to the suction pipeline at the bottom of the mud tank to control the suction operation of the mud in each tank. The valve realizes the arrangement in the suction manifold tank and the operation of the tank surface. That is, the integration of the manifold and the mud tank is convenient for installation and transportation.

2.Advantages and characteristics of mud subsea valve structure: mud tank subsea valve (underflow valve) includes outer pipe, connecting rod, connecting pipe and lead screw. The connecting rod in the pipe is connected, the connecting rod is connected with the sealing rubber set at the inner bottom end of the outer pipe, the sealing rubber is sealed and fitted with the valve base, the valve base is a cone structure with an inclined surface on the inside, and the contact surface between the sealing rubber and the valve base is with the valve base For the slope with the same slope, the sealing rubber is fixed by the upper and lower two circular metal plates; the connection part between the outer tube and the outer cylinder of the lead screw is above the surface of the tank. The utility model improves the sealing performance of the subsea valve itself, and the conical surface sealing structure reduces the axial bearing capacity of the lifting screw to the sealing rubber by about 20%, thereby prolonging the service life of the rubber, and the connection part between the outer pipe and the outer cylinder of the screw is reduced by about 20%. Raised above the surface of the tank to meet the requirements of rapid maintenance. The operation realizes the control of the mud tank surface, which is labor-saving, convenient and practical, and the stability of the opening and closing state is good.

3.Advantages of working performance of mud tank subsea valve:

-Good sealing performance, reduce leakage and leakage.

-It is composed of 50 kinds of parts and components precisely.

– Flexible steering and convenient operation.

-Strong practicability, high cost performance, few vulnerable parts, and durable leather.

4. Advantages and characteristics of mud tank submarine valve specifications and dimensions: 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, special bottom flow valve for high-efficiency mud tanks, and submarine valves. This specification of mud tank submarine valve I valve has the conventional requirements of mud tanks and can meet and improve mud tanks. Work efficiency in drilling operations.

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