KOSUN mud separation technology showed in International Environmental Protection Industry Expo

In November 17, the 3rd Xi’an International Environmental Protection Industry Expo 2017 was held in the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. KOSUN attended this exhibition as an environmental protection enterprise with mud separation technology.

Xi'an International Environmental Protection Industry Expo -KOSUN

Nearly 400 green enterprises participated in this exhibition, which are distributed in 3 exhibition halls. This time, KOSUN mainly demonstrated the mud separation technology, which is mainly related to the industries such as shield mud treatment system, oilfield drilling mud treatment, municipal sewage treatment, tailings treatment, construction mud treatment, river dredging and oil sludge treatment Solutions and equipment applications.

During the exhibition, KOSUN technicians specialized in answering the questions of mud handling during construction and conducted in-depth technical exchanges with customers, laying the foundation for subsequent cooperation.

mud separation technology

During the 3 days (November 17-19) show, although the temperature of the field was close to zero, KOSUN always participated in the exhibition with full enthusiasm and actively communicated with viewers. When the viewers had a certain understanding of KOSUN Solid-liquid separation products and environmental solutions, most of them have a cooperation intention with KOSUN.

KOSUN is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sale of solid-liquid separation equipment and systems. KOSUN devotes itself to resource conservation and environmental protection, provides products and services related to solid waste treatment on the basis of dedicated environmental separation mechanical equipment manufacturing, and has evolved into a comprehensive service provider of system integration, complete equipment, engineering construction, debugging & operation, and maintenance management in such six major fields as engineering machinery, industrial sludge treatment, river & lake sludge and municipal sludge disposal, soil remediation and comprehensive utilization of tailings.

In recent years, with the enhancement of people’s environmental protection awareness, KOSUN’s environmental protection equipment has attracted numerous exhibitors from related industries. We hope that we can create greater glorie in environmental protection!(Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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