Microtunnelling Slurry System for Sale all Over the World

Microtunnelling Slurry System

Microtunnel Boring Machines (MTBM) Install gravity flow pipes that require accurate lines and slopes in poor soils. Microtunnel is a process that uses a remote control pipe. 

Microtunnel is developed by the Japanese in 1970s and are launched in the US medium term in 1980s. The Akkerman launched the first mud microtube system the year in 1995. Currently thousands of microchannel systems exist in the world.

Microtunnelling Slurry System
Microtunnelling Slurry System

Microtunnelling projects are usually in the city. In this case, the mud system that matches the micro-tunnel is required to be compact and has a very small recirculation slurry system of different capacities. This mud system is often referred to as a “TBM slurry separation system“.

Helicopter direct installation of underground pipeline products and slope tolerance. Standard center drive and face access, peripheral device driver MTBM size is 30-114 inches. (762-2896 mm) OD range.

Soil excavation is carried out by injecting soil into the surface of the hole and the chips are forced into the slurry inlet hole of the MTBM crushing cone to circulate through the closed system to the separation device.

The complete slurry microtube system consists of a pipe-specific MTBM, a control vessel, a steering system program, a remote hydraulic power module, a keyhole crane frame, a series of pumps, a laser, a water cooling tank, a slurry trunk and additional piping, Material separation plant.

The launch shaft is fitted with a pit seal to prevent shaft drive and project-specific thrust block distribution from gravity. The micro-tunnel operation is managed by an operator in a ground control container located next to the shaft.

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