KOSUN Drilling mud solids control system module

KOSUN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud solids control equipment. After more than 30 years of development and innovation, KOSUN has accumulated rich experience in mud solids control system design and manufacturing. KOSUN drilling mud solids control system mainly includes the following modules:

1. Mud purification and recovery module

Mud purification and recovery module is mainly composed of two sets of mud recovery tanks. There are four sets of Solids Control  shale shaker installed on the tank surface. Mud cleaners are also equipped with spray anti-splash system, and equipped with sand pump, mixer, mud gun and explosion-proof lighting according to the tank equipment.

2. Slurry tank module

The mud storage tank module is similar in function to the mud mixing module. It is used to store the purified mud of the purification module and the new mud produced by the mud mixing module. It is mainly composed of a  mud tank and supporting agitators, mud guns, explosion-proof lighting and other equipment.

3. Mud mixing module

The mud mixing module mainly includes two sets of mud storage tanks and mud mixing tanks. Each mud mixing module is equipped with a set of jet mud mixing device for the mixing of drilling mud, and is equipped with corresponding agitators, mud guns, explosion-proof lighting and other equipment.

4. Other supporting equipment

In order to ensure the normal operation of the mud treatment system, KOSUN Solids Control also provided customers with corresponding auxiliary equipment, including 2 submersible pumps, 2 centrifugal pumps and pump filters and other equipment.

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