AVN 2000 Slurry System Replacement from Kosun

AVN 2000 Slurry System Replacement

AVN slurry system with a conical crusher is a safety tunnel boring machine with a diameter range of 0.4 to 4 meters. These micro expert experts show great potential, especially in the case of unreachable machines.

The mud-supported mining concept allows the use of these machines from a variety of ground conditions, from sludge to clay to non-clay, as well as gravel and rock. According to the diameter, it is possible in the tube top and the segmented lining.

Kosun AVN 2000 Slurry System Replacement
AVN 2000 Slurry System Replacement
Because of its various applications, Kosun AVN 2000 slurry system replacement have proven their value in more than 1,000 projects worldwide.
This mature machine technology can even be installed in the fast, efficient and efficient tunneling, even in the most difficult projects in the pipe jacking or sub-lining.
Kosun avn 2000 mud system replacament is usually used to cover sediment or small gravel items, but uses many different products. Kosun can customize these systems to meet your hourly code items. These systems can also be equipped with hydraulic mortar to remove large debris and mud mechanical dredging materials.
The efficient clay separation process has the following essential characteristics: the excavated dregs are thoroughly separated and dehydrated until a very low moisture content is reached; bentonite and other additives are added according to geological conditions. The less the residual moisture, the lighter the weight of the residue to be separated, the lower the cost of the slag.
In addition, in the sand and cohesive soil tunneling, if the suspended particles in the residual particles, will be due to mud suspension adsorption of solid particles to reduce the ability to reduce the tunneling speed. In this case, use a filter press and a centrifugal separator to avoid muddy mud.
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