Pipe Jacking Machines Mud Treatment by Kosun Manufacturer

Pipe Jacking Machines Mud Treatment

Pipe Jacking Machines Mud Treatment by Kosun manufacturer with more than 20 years experience. The selection of the pipe jacking method should be selected according to the actual situation of the terrain, engineering and hydrogeology, traffic conditions, ground buildings, underground pipelines and the presence of underground obstructions along the construction and the requirements for surface deformation control , Must ensure that the safety, to ensure quality, affordable, land conservation, pipe jacking machine construction mud treatment.

Pipe Jacking Machines Mud Treatment
Pipe Jacking Machines Mud Treatment

The construction sequence of the pipe jacking should be considered from the whole drainage system. The pipe treatment of the pipe jacking machine should start from the downstream, and the construction condition should be better when the initial excavation section is carried out.

Pipe jacking machine slurry system work characteristics:

1,pipe jacking machine, crushing treatment integration, without any auxiliary technology.
2, the machine bypass device standardization, greatly reducing the installation time and prevent mud pipe obstruction.
3, laser reflection type direction induction device can make the operation simple and accurate.
4, for a wide range of soil, pipe a long distance.
5, the water quality requirements are low, mud water after the separation of mud can be recycled.
6, water mixing soil through the pipeline into the purification pool, the entire pipeline to keep dry, easy to check the construction.
7, pipe head using mechanical excavation, effective to prevent landslides, gushing water, sand and harmful gases.

The technical risk is less and the top and the necessary field technical data testing and analysis work in order to understand the actual soil under the ground to adapt to the construction environment, to master the operation of the pipe jacking equipment, reasonable organization of the operator, through the initial excavation section of the jacking summary, further Adjust the construction of technical parameters, optimize the next step pipe construction process.

All the pipe jacking equipment must be repaired, pipe jacking machine mud treatment after passing the inspection before being transported into the construction site. In the work of the pit must be installed when the single machine and the whole linkage debugging, in the jacking must implement a routine maintenance system.