Mud treatment solutions in trenchless construction

In the trenchless construction, a large amount of mud and rock debris are produced. How to deal with the mud? This article will introduce common solutions for mud treatment in trenchless construction. Trenchless construction technology is a kind of underground engineering. Trenchless construction includes tunnels, micro tunnels (MTM), horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and other construction methods, also known as directional drilling, pipe ramming (PR), pipe jacking (PJ), underground drainage, horizontal drilling Boring (Habu) and other methods to install pipes and cables underground with minimal excavation. Large-diameter tunnels, such as tunnel drilling machines (TBM), drilling and blasting technology.

According to different construction methods, choose the appropriate slurry treatment equipment as an excellent slurry treatment solution, including: slurry treatment device (separation device), mud water separation station, mud recovery system, etc.

1. Large-scale tunnel drilling and shield construction (TBM). Due to the large diameter of the shield tunneling machine and the large amount of mud, large-scale slurry separation stations with large processing capacity are generally required. This type of slurry separation station is often through several sets of modularization. The slurry separation system is assembled, and the large-scale slurry separation station is used to treat the shield muddy water, which can process a large amount of 2000-4000 m³/h.

2. For the construction of small tunnels, micro tunnels (MTM), pipe jacking (PJ), etc., as well as the diameter of the pipe jacking machine, a slurry separation system with a processing capacity of 120-250m³/h can be selected.

3. For horizontal directional drilling (HDD construction), horizontal drilling and boring (HAB) construction, it can be matched according to the design of the mud pump processing capacity in the trenchless project or the drag force of the HDD trenchless drilling rig, and the processing capacity is 40- 250m³/h mud recovery system (recycling plant).

The above are three long-term effective non-excavation construction mud treatment programs. The selection of suitable mud treatment equipment for different trenchless projects is a prerequisite for scientific construction.

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