Mud tanks can be divided into five categories by purpose

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The mud tanks produced by KOSUN are often used to install solid control equipment, store mud and configure mud, etc., to meet the requirements of drilling solid control system, mud station and solid-liquid separation system. According to the use of mud tank can be divided into metering tank, supply tank, cooling tank, low temperature drilling mud tank, towed vehicle mud tank and so on.

Solid control equipment oil tank series products mainly include diesel tanks, elevated oil tanks, solid control equipment designers can be designed into rectangular, cylindrical and elevated shape according to customer requirements, oil tank products are mainly composed of oil storage tanks, oil pumps, level gauges, explosion-proof electronic control devices, stainless steel ball valves and manifold. Oil tanks mainly provide efficient energy supply in the environment such as well site or factory.

Characteristics and advantages of solid control equipment mud tank:

  1. Can design reasonable supporting solutions according to customer requirements;
  2. The tank is welded with steel plate and profile. The weld can be used for flaw detection and tank pressure test;
  3. The mud tank is equipped with manholes, ladders, guardrail, etc., which is easy for the staff to operate;
  4. Can spray paint with anticorrosive, wear-resistant heavy Marine anticorrosive paint.
  5. The mud tank adopts centralized electrical control, and its distribution manifold is built-in manifold, which is convenient for installation, disassembly and transportation. In the polar low temperature region, the tank is equipped with heating system and insulation system.

There are many kinds of water tanks for solid control equipment, mainly including domestic water tanks, industrial water tanks, set water tanks, elevated water tanks, cementing water tanks, etc. Kexun can design and manufacture related facilities according to customer requirements to meet the production and living water of well sites and camps.

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