How does Xi’an KOSUN drilling mud equipment perform grading treatment on drilling mud?

Xi’an KOSUN drilling mud equipment typically follows these steps for grading treatment of drilling mud:

1, Drilling mud feeding:

The drilling mud is introduced into the equipment through the inlet.

2, Drilling mud pretreatment:

The drilling mud undergoes pretreatment using vibrating screens, desanders, and other equipment to remove larger solid particles and impurities.

3, Solid-liquid separation:

The pretreated drilling mud is sent to solid-liquid separation equipment such as centrifuges and dewatering units, where solid particles are separated from the liquid through centrifugal force, further purifying the drilling mud.

4, Solid particle treatment:

Separated solid particles can be processed using equipment such as shear pumps and dryers to meet environmental requirements.

5, Liquid recovery:

The liquid that has undergone solid-liquid separation and solid particle treatment can be recycled, reducing resource waste.

6, Harmless treatment:

The treated solid particles are subjected to harmless treatment to comply with environmental requirements.

Through these steps, Xi’an KOSUN drilling mud equipment effectively performs grading treatment on drilling mud, thereby improving drilling efficiency and environmental protection during the drilling process.

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