HDD Mud Recovery System is used to purify mud during horizontal directional crossing

KOSUN HDD Mud Recovery System is developed, designed and produced by our company to meet the requirements of trenchless technology at home and abroad. It is used to purify the mud returned from the ground during the horizontal directional crossing process. The large particle size drill cuttings are separated by solid phase control equipment such as shale shaker and mud cleaner, and the required mud material is added by the mud mixing device, and the mixing and circulation are uniform to meet the performance requirements of reuse. The mud pump is pumped into the horizontal directional drilling system is recycled repeatedly. KOSUN HDD Mud Recovery System can significantly improve the efficiency of mud treatment, reduce the mud cost of horizontal directional drilling, and greatly improve the drilling speed.

KOSUN HDD Mud Recovery System
KOSUN HDD Mud Recovery System

Advantages of KOSUN HDD Mud Recovery System

  1. Based on the technical experience of KOSUN in the solids control industry for more than 30 years, combined with in-depth market research, the designed mud recovery system has a reasonable structure, good processing technology and a wide range of applications.
  2. The multi-functional integrated design can meet the functions of mud cleaning, recycling and reuse, mud configuration and storage, and at the same time greatly reduce the overall size of the tank system to meet the site and space requirements of horizontal directional drilling.
  3. The electrical system is explosion-proof, dust-proof and rain-proof to ensure construction safety and quality.
  4. The tank body is simple and compact in structure, light in weight, and the corridor and guardrail can be folded or disassembled for easy transportation and installation.
  5. KOSUN Machinery has obtained API and ISO certification of American Petroleum Institute, EU CE certification, Russian export certification, and ISO14001 and ISO18001 certification of environmental safety system, which can meet the export standards of all countries in the world.

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