Composition of Geothermal Drilling Solids Control System

Geothermal energy is a new green and clean energy. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the shortage of energy, the rational development and utilization of geothermal resources has become more and more popular. The geothermal drilling solids control system came into being under the requirement of drilling environmental protection. According to the characteristics of geothermal drilling and the environmental protection requirements of geological drilling, KOSUN has developed a miniaturized multi-stage drilling fluid solids control and circulation system composed of mud shaker, mud cleaner, drilling fluid centrifuge, etc. Easy to relocate and other characteristics, it can realize the circulating treatment of drilling fluid without falling to the ground, and effectively remove harmful solid phase.

The drilling fluid centrifuge adopts the modular design of single motor structure, and the minimum separation particle size is 5μm. It can be matched with the frequency conversion control system to realize stepless speed regulation and adapt to the characteristics of different formations. The mud cleaner organically combines a hydrocyclone with a shale shaker, which can remove harmful solids from 20μm to 74μm. The drilling fluid solids control circulation system can match the solids control equipment according to different drilling requirements, which changes the traditional drilling fluid natural settlement treatment method, reduces the environmental pollution caused by the drilling fluid discharge, meets the needs of clean production, and meets the requirements of green exploration and green drilling. The liquid phase recycling and solid phase centralized recycling and processing in the cycle process meet the national requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction.

On the basis of the research on the geological drilling solid control system, in order to support the high-temperature geothermal clean energy exploration requirements, a skid-mounted modular five-stage solid control and drilling fluid cooling system has been formed, which can meet the needs of drilling fluid treatment and cooling in high temperature environments, and is a high-temperature environment. Geothermal (hot dry rock) drilling provides effective technical support.

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