What is the Trenchless Horizontal Directional Crossing Mud Recovery System?

Horizontal directional drilling crossing is a horizontal directional drilling crossing construction technology used for trenchless construction. Trenchless Horizontal Directional Crossing Mud Recovery System, also known as horizontal directional drilling traversing mud recovery system, or mud purification recovery system, is a set of mud processing equipment specially designed for the drilling characteristics of horizontal directional drilling rigs. The system is mainly composed of a mud shale shaker, a desander and mud removal machine, a jet mixer, a sand pump, a mud storage tank and other equipment. The trenchless mud recovery system can separate the excavated spoil from the liquid mud base fluid to achieve the purpose of mud recovery and reuse. Combining the characteristics of the mud solids control system for oil drilling with the characteristics of trenchless horizontal directional crossing, a variety of mud purification and recovery systems suitable for trenchless horizontal directional crossing construction have been developed.

The Trenchless Horizontal Directional Crossing Mud Recovery System is designed and produced to meet the domestic and foreign trenchless technical requirements. It is used to purify the mud returned from the underground during the horizontal directional traversing process. Separate the large-diameter drill cuttings through solid-phase control equipment such as shale shaker and mud cleaner, add the required mud material through the mixing device, and mix and circulate uniformly to meet the performance requirements of reuse, and pump into the level through the mud pump. The directional drilling system is repeatedly recycled.

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