Vertical Cutting Dryer–KOSUN

The cuttings dryer is used to recover water-based and oil-based drilling fluids from the cuttings, reducing the liquid phase ratio of the cuttings to less than 40%.Drillings drying screen is a drilling fluid shaker used to recover liquid phase in well site.

During operation, the drillings dryer can be combined with any equipment of the solid control system, such as linear vibrating screen, sand remover and mud remover.After these equipment combinations are processed, the excluded solids are recycled through a linear vibrating screen with fine mesh cloth to recover the liquid phase adsorbed on the solid phase. All equipment combinations become the drilling fluid cleaning system, which is installed on the drilling fluid irrigation in a straight line with the main vibrating screen.

Application field of drilling cuttings dryer:

1. Used for various types of drilling mud, such as oil-based mud, water-based mud and drilling cuttings drying in line with mud

2. Dredging of river channel

3. Environment-friendly solid-liquid separation

4. Piling works

5. Shield engineering

According to the requirements of drilling fluid field and customers, other products of kexun environmental protection can be used.

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