The “blood” filter of drilling – Solids Control System

The mud solids control system is one of the most important parts of the whole drilling rig system, which is called the “blood” filter of drilling. A reasonable solids control system can effectively control the solids content of the drilling fluid and reduce the complexity of the drilling process and the probability of accidents. It is an important technical means to achieve safe, efficient and economical drilling.

Understand the performance and main characteristics of the solids control system, and select reasonable solids control equipment that meets the requirements according to the characteristics of the formation cuttings particles, the properties of the drilling fluid and other factors, so as to reduce the risk of accidents during the drilling construction process and improve the safety of drilling Drilling speed.

The solids control system is composed of shale shaker, desander, desilter, drilling fluid cleaner, centrifuge, drilling fluid tank and other equipment. Once a certain equipment fails or the overall matching is inappropriate, it will directly affect the performance of the entire drilling rig. Increase the risk of accidents during drilling construction. Therefore, the performance of the solids control system has important practical significance for drilling engineering.

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