Slurry Treatment Plants of Kosun

Slurry Treatment Plants

Slurry Treatment Plants are more important equipment for matching micro-tunnel boring machines. It consists of cyclone separation equipment and centrifugal equipment. The cyclone separation equipment consists of a cyclone and desalting machine.

Slurry treatment plants
Slurry treatment plants
Slurry Treatment Plants of Kosun
Slurry Treatment Plants

Mud treatment of the production process

First, the first stage separation is performed by the drilling fluid shale oscillator; the separated particles will be precisely treated by the hydrocyclone into particles of different sizes.

Second, the pressure of the mud through the pipeline into the cyclone high-speed system, and in the hydrocyclone on the inner wall of the rotary motion. The coarse particles are thrown onto the walls and gradually move down by gravity and discharged from the bottom. Due to the slow movement, the fine particles are driven from the center and discharged from the overflow pipe.

Thirdly, the particle size of the slurry after treatment with the cyclone system is very small. So we need to add flocculants to the mud. Flocculants and fine particles aggregate larger particles. And then pumped to the centrifuge. Centrifuges are an important part of ensuring that all water is separated into dry soils. A portion of the bentonite treated by the cyclone system can be discharged from the slurry pool. Mixed will continue to use, save construction costs. The separated solid particles can be transported directly. Separation of high purity water can be used to adjust the new mud or directly into the municipal rainwater system

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Slurry Wall Separation Unit by Slurry Separation Plants – Kosun

Slurry wall separation unit

Slurry wall separation unit (or diaphragm wall separation unit) are being used in underground wall construction (off course, the Slurry wall separation unit (or diaphragm wall separation unit) being placed above the ground), and the main function is to recycling the slurry (mud) and removing the solids from the slurry as well using in work.

diaphragm wall separation unit

Many product in slurry wall separation unit can burns on skin due to their low temperatures. Exposed body part can be torn as it has ability to stick to cold stuffs due to availability of moisture. These liquids can also cause
– Hypothermia or Frostbite
– Serious respiratory problems like pneumonia if cold gas is inhaled
– Reduced vision

slurry wall separation unit
slurry wall separation unit

Hazards from oxygen in diaphragm wall separation unit of Slurry Separation plants.
Oxygen is not a combustible gas but it helps flames to keep on going. Also hydrocarbon materials of lubrication oils react vigorously with oxygen and it should be avoided in all cases. Oxygen concentration should be kept below 23.5%.

Slurry Separation plants

Gas products occur need slurry separation plants.
Oxygen is most required for life support. When enough quantity of argon and nitrogen is present in environment it can lead to depletion of oxygen. Increase in hydrocarbon can also lead to symptoms like nausea or dizziness. In such cases one should come or brought out immediately. With time body returns to normal state once out of these conditions.
Protected clothing helps in protection of body from fire hazards or oxygen or cryogenic liquids.
– Leathers gloves should be used as their fitting is loose and can be easily removed in case of burns.
– Face shield to cover the face should be used.
– Footwear should be devoid of metals or nails as they can cause sparkling.
– In cases of trapped vapors, clothing should be opened and closed immediately

In slurry separation plants, like Kosun from China, the different parameters been collected in real spots and researched in labs, and finally give the corresponding solutions for remove the solids in constructions, like slurry wall separation or diaphragm wall separation.